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I have a hard time writing anything unless it makes me feel small and afraid. The universe is immense, and I am but a speck.


  1. Past, Present and Future in Two Sentences

    “There was once a thriving planet here; full of life. But that was before they destroyed themselves.”

  2. Personal Belongings (Mature)

  3. Writer's Block (Mature)

  4. Skin-Deep

    You’re beautiful. Who, you ask? You! Turn off your television. Turn off the radio. Turn away from the advertisements. You’re more beautiful than you know. Who, you again ask? You! Your fat thighs are really not as bad as you think. Your ugl...

  5. Atheism

    Eternity happened before you. Didn’t notice, did you? The doctor pulls you forth into the world. Why? You gather the courage to hold hands with Stacy in 4th grade. For what? You get your first kiss when your 14. So? You have your first alcoholic ...

  6. Parachute

    As the door slides open and the air rushes in, all of their conversation is muted. He sits there, shaking, trembling, shivering; he is petrified. She squeezes his hand tighter and smiles at him. “I’ve done this a million times,” she h...

  7. Ficly

    That awful buzz wakes me. I get up off my Tempur-Pedic and turn off the Timex. Still in a daze, I head to the bathroom and brush with some Crest. I grab my Schick and get my morning shave. In the shower, I Irish Spring before some Head and Shoulders. I...

  8. Invasion

    I could see the shadows passing under the closet door. I closed my eyes and tried not to breathe. At 7:13 tonight the door was smashed in and three men entered the house. I was up in my room when this happened. I heard several gunshots and closed mysel...

  9. Triumph (Mature)

  10. Routine

    7:27am My alarm has been going off for 27 minutes; I’m going to be late for work again. They told me three times ago it would be my last time. I wipe the vomit from my face and get dressed. I run some water through my hair and comb out any bits o...

  11. The Book Long Forgotten

    With a tiny splash the droplet hit the page, causing the ancient ink to run in tiny rivers. He blinked and looked up as he ran a hand over his forehead; he had been sweating. How long had he been reading? He looked down at the dusty tome and realized h...

  12. The Note

    The next morning, as I walk to the large circle of stones, something catches my eye. Tucked between two of the rocks is an brown piece of paper. Opening it, it nearly crumbles to dust in my hands. The text is scratched in a shaky script and reads as fo...

  13. The Note

    The next morning, as I walk to the large circle of stones, something catches my eye. Tucked between two of the rocks is an brown piece of paper. Opening it, it nearly crumbles to dust in my hands. The text is scratched in a shaky script and reads as fo...

  14. The Dream

    As I turned I saw her staring down at me. She reached out a hand and said something. I could not hear her, but I could see the words. Her beautiful lips mouthing her love for me. As I turned again my tears were carried off into the breeze. The ocean be...

  15. pop culture

    1d: a point 2d: a line 3d: what is considered reality 4d: if you said time, you are wrong. i have seen over the wall. seen through the wall. no no no. sight has nothing to do with this. this is beyond sight. beyond sound. beyond mortal comprehension. i...

  16. The Reading Room

    She stood up slowly, her back cracking and aching from the long crawl. She stood now in a room, no larger than a guest room with floor-to-ceiling shelves brimming with leather bound books. And on a dais in the center of the room sat an old tome, larger...

  17. Fear

    I stood there and watched, marveling at my friend. Where I was calm and cool, he was viscous and vivacious. I would watch and follow as he wandered through the battlefield running and screaming. He was drawn to them, to the helpless. A man was pinned d...

  18. Claire

    Click. His eyes opened. He could taste the metal of the gun, but he was not dead. He took the gun out of his mouth and stared at it. Apparently that bullet was a dud. For a full hour, Jason sat on the couch, gun in hand and stared. He was alive. He had...

  19. Awkward

    “Good morning sir, welcome to Dick’s Sporting Goods. How may I help you?” I asked politely, wearing my most genuine smile. He looked up at me and ran a hand through his hair while he cleared his throat, “It’s ma’am.&...

  20. The Fires of Hades

    He stood there panting, watching, waiting. Every muscle in his body was alight with a teatherball yellow flame from effort. Blood slid down the blade and splashed like sand into a small pool. The demon watched him, searching him for weakness. The other...

  21. Collection

    I place the plaque into my satchel and followed my partner back onto the ship. I never got used to that feeling, holding something long forgotten. To behold something that belonged to a long dead society, one older than even the world I was born on. &#...

  22. Leap of Faith (Mature)

  23. Hello, my name is Scott Drigs (Mature)

  24. Time Travel: Six Feet Deep

    At first I screamed, I cried, I kicked, I clawed. Alone. The darkness was so black that I thought to be swallowed by it. Then eventually something inside me broke. Then nothing. The velvet began to droop, and for the longest time a piece of it tickled ...

  25. 61% of Relationships Start in the Workplace

    Even in her hazmat suit she was beautiful. I watched as she bent down, her curvy form still visible, even in that bulky suit. She touched the goop that formed under the body and rubbed it in between her gloved fingers. She turned to me, those beautiful...

  26. The Voicemail

    “You have one new message,” the soft robotic voice says, “today, 12:31pm.” “It’s me…you,” from what you can tell, it’s your own voice on the phone, and you seem to be hysterical. “Now is your ...

  27. In the Attic

    He took a last breath and stepped off the chair. The rope went taught and he bounced a bit. He heard a snap, but it was partially to be expected. Soon it wouldn’t matter. 13 hours later he still hung there in the attic. The recoil had broken his ...

  28. A Little to the Left

    Koji had failed her. He would not be forgiven, he could not be forgiven. She had died because of him. The dark man, with skin like rich soil, had looked her straight in the eyes and drew up his sword. Koji let out a cry, hurled his katana and watched a...

  29. Bang Bang Bang!

    Diving, rolling, sneaking, you make your way through the building. You stop and press flat against the wall and listen as a guard passes nearby. Once out of sight you realize you were holding your breath. With a smile you continue. At the end of a long...

  30. Far Beyond the Rainbow

    The journey was not easy as I quickly found out. The mice and geese were mostly just food for the werewolves, there was a very uneasy truce between the dwarfs and the trolls, and the captain would retire early to his quarters each night and drink until...

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