It's a Cold Job, but Somebody Has to Do It

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On my lips the scent of cherries, smoothing over the rough spots that tingle and burn otherwise. The air is bitter cold, seeping in slowly through the layers of fiberfil in the name-brand coat I inherited from my cousin. I begin to bounce a leg in a feeble attempt to avoid shivering.

I press the button that operates the lift, raising a wheelchair filled with a bundled child up to the floor level of a school bus. The driver wheels the student into the bus. I press the lift to lower it back down for another. The quicker they get on and get warm in the bus heat, the quicker I can go inside and get warm, too.

I smile at the driver as the second child is wheeled in, but she does not smile back. The small talk stalled as soon as my teeth began to chatter. My nose feels like ice. Every breath is decreasing my body temperature. I slam the door shut and lock it. Shivers shake my spine and send tingles down my legs and across my back.

I hurry in. School is officially over for the weekend.

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  1. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Small conflict of verb tense in the second sentence, but otherwise a nice glimpse into your day. Doncha just love this weather?

  2. Avatar Robert Quick

    I caught that too and I’m not sure if it matters but I always notice weird aesthetic things- like the last three paragraphs all begin the same way. Sometimes that kind of repetition is purposeful though.

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Fixed all the tense issues, more than just the second sentence.
    They all start the same because I am tired. :) I’m not going to change it, though.

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