A voice from the outside

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A voice from the outside I heard
“Wait, wait, do not give up the fight.”
I shook my head to listen to it right
Digesting what it said word for word

With bloodied hands I gripped the rope
Curiosity. Uncertainty. A little naivety
Gradually gripped the heart in me
And slowly, hands withdrew from the instrument of hope

Standing in my room
I wonder who called
The voice had me enthralled
Setting me safely from my doom

I wonder who was the voice
That stopped me from my choice
To end my life in my room
My neck in between the ropes of doom

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  1. Avatar Michael Wayne LeBlanc

    This thing you and Robert just did, a sort of tango with torn emotions and shattered wishes, was tragically beautiful.

  2. Avatar MissEve

    Glad you liked it.

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