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  1. What I see

    Out by the window I see a single sparrow Perched on a tree Singing a tune to me The clouds in the sky A lovely sight to my eyes Blue canvass splashed with white This day would be alright A slight breeze came from the window Along with it came the sparr...

  2. My weather poem

    (My little sister’s attempt at poetry) Cloud You are very fluffy Why are you white? You should change color For fun. You are so high Do you want to come down? If I were you I would come down Once in a while You are so cool Are you really made of ...

  3. The whispering of the waves

    I am drowning. The more I struggled the more the waves pull me down with them. A sense of urgency and fear filled me. A need to escape course through my head again and again. Could it be possible to vomit? I could feel the bile slowly rise up leaving a...

  4. A voice from the outside

    A voice from the outside I heard “Wait, wait, do not give up the fight.” I shook my head to listen to it right Digesting what it said word for word With bloodied hands I gripped the rope Curiosity. Uncertainty. A little naivety Gradually gr...

  5. Cuts. Bruises. Scars.

    Cuts, bruises, and scars seem to stay On my body that begins to sway How deep had I gone? For this grievous deed to be done? Shouts and cries escaped my lips As blood trickled down my fingertips Tears mixed in with the blood as it fell Curses everyon...

  6. Lost Spirits

    Forever wandering this vast place Always going on a steady pace Never rest had I Without the tears blurring my eye I wander everywhere I go Never going too fast nor too slow I have nowhere in mind I am eternally walking blind Sadness, depression, desp...

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MissEve's Followers (4)

  • In Night's Arms
  • Robert Quick
  • Michael Wayne LeBlanc
  • Cariad Ceffyl