On Patrol: Penmanship by Candlelight

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I was both meticulous and comprehensive, copying down observations from throughout the day; comparing them against listed tolerances and known limits. The huge folder containing the plans for the Heart’s Desire came out and slowly spread itself across the mahogany table as I referred to first one section, then another.

The log book of a Quartermaster is said to reflect the competence of the officer himself – an idea that I subscribed to heavily. The handsome red leather binding contained organised notes on the ship’s capacity, design and needs; a companion log I used to keep track of current inventory and supplies in demand. Both were tidy and neat, my own handwriting marching across each page with the occasional elegant sketch the only interruption.

The candle burned low and was replaced; the dawn of the new day was fast approaching when I at last closed both logbooks and replaced the folder in one of the bookcases. Tired but satisfied, I stood and looked out through the windows at the morning sun.

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  1. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    What a hard worker. I think you really brought out his character in this one. :D

  2. Avatar Robert Quick


Inspired by

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