Natural Life, Natural Death

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An ellipsis.
And a question mark.
Though, I’m not sure there ever was an answer.

The trees extend for miles in every direction, my feet dangle above the matted mess of the natural children, elderly, midlife crisis-ee’s. The winds urge me to move, gently pressing the back of my shirt against my skin.

Isolated, lonely, free.

Siberia, Sierra, Sahara.

I’ve nothing material, nothing I’ll ever want.

What I need is taken as I need.
What I can give is given as I see.

I’ve no real life out here.
I’ve no real life at all.

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Comments (2 so far!)

  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Dreamy and loose. Feels like it could mean a couple of different things, but I took it as the life of a Bohemian nomad of sorts, a little melancholic is all.

  2. Avatar LittleSecrets

    I read this as very poetic.
    The simplicity and freshness of this really brings it to life-no pun intended.
    There is a crisp natural feel to this as well that is really compelling.
    Thank you.