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Hannah looked up at the handsome young man standing on her porch and in a heartbeat she guessed who he was. She stepped out and closed the door behind her.
“JoAnn is not feeling well,” she lied.

Just then Mr. Arnold, JoAnn’s father, pulled up.
“Who’s the visitor?” he asked gruffly.
“He was just leaving, dear,” Hannah quickly replied.
“Are you the boy my JoAnn has been sneaking off to see?”
“John! You can’t..” Hannah tried to defend her daughter, but JoAnn herself came to the door to intervene.
“Dad! Leave him be!”
“I just want to talk to her, that’s all.”
“Come in John, let’s let them talk.”
“NO! I want to know what is going on here and I want to know now!”

Hannah dropped her head, Mitch got silent because he wanted to know too, and JoAnn met her Father’s angry eyes bravely.
“I’m pregnant. I made a mistake. And you can kick me out, disown me, but I’m not giving up my baby!” JoAnn stormed back into the house, past Cal who was lurking inside the door, and up to her room.

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  1. Avatar gĀ²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    And now we await JoAnn’s father’s reaction…
    puts on crash helmet, crouches behind rampart

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