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It seemed to dawn on her why I was staying across the table from her, nearer the door. She stood up, and walked over to the door, unlocked it, and threw it open, then returned to her chair. I remained immobile. Why? I don’t know.
“This is killing me”, Cindy finally said. “The door is open. If I saw anyone do what I did to Todd, Jeremy, Fiona and you, I would probably be halfway to Canada, running, by now. Considering we’re in Galveston…” She left the comment open.
“We’re both confused. I’m confused and scared I may not have a beau any more, or that I might be reported to someone in some kind of authority and hauled off, or simply have to look for a new beau.
“You, on the other hand, are confused and frightened by witnessing, up close and personal, my swallowing ability. You’re wondering if I’ll let you leave at all, or silence your mouth by shoving it, and the rest of you, down mine. You don’t trust my word that I wouldn’t do that. Jeremy and Fiona were a special circumstance I don’t intend to repeat again.

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Cindy continued. "When I swallowed Todd, he was my first real serious boyfriend. We were 19, and been dating for a year. We were both sh...

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