Parting is Such Sappy Sorrow, Such Confusing Pain

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The sun filtered through the green needles with the first real heat of a Carolina summer. The ground felt hot on my back, or maybe I felt hot on the ground. The smell of sap was everywhere. Though chaos engulfed me I heard only my own heartbeat.

Alex was seated on my stomach angrily raining down punches, the strings to his black hoodie whipping this way and that. Ray was to the side batting down my arms and slipping in a punch from time to time. Or maybe Ray was on my stomach and Alex to the side. Either way, they were both furious and red faced, which was more pronounced on Alex since Ray, as a redhead, always looked a bit pink.

Alice Drive Elementary stood, stoic in red brick, less than 50 yards away, but it couldn’t have been farther. The school year was ending. I was moving in a few weeks, likely to never return.

I could never return.

I knew I’d miss my friends, my two best friends especially, Alex and Ray. I’d also wonder, as I did that day under the pines, why our parting was so violent.

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  1. Avatar Robert Quick

    Hurm. Unexpected twist at the end. If this is based on a memory and you were confused at the time, you did an excellent job transmitting that confusion. Since this was (probably) based on a memory, the only problems I had with it disappear. Very good writing across the board. This could be the beginning to almost any kind of story- and I’ll bet it was.

  2. Avatar Michael Wayne LeBlanc

    I see what you did there. ‘Sappy…" But in all seriousness, I agree with Robert in the way of the good writing here. With a proper use of the word ’stoic’ and the sense of bewilderment a good asskickin’ can give you, you really dove deep into a great bit. Good job.

  3. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Honestly, I still don’t remember why it happened or what it was about. It was the end of 5th grade before moving away. It’s an odd little memory that’s plagued me for years.

  4. Avatar stargazer1960

    All too familiar, as a child who often moved and as a teacher now.

  5. Avatar JACK

    Isn’t this what happens through pain and frustration when parting with friends..Ambivalence. Love you so much,hate it because you are leaving. Story stirred memories.