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  1. My Brain is Melting

    I think my brain is melting it’s making quite a mess every time I click my pen I leak out on my desk I’d wipe it up with paragraphs and turn the page anew but suddenly I’m drowning in a hippocampus brew Sometimes it’s like a faucet, I can turn ...

  2. A Tale of Woe and Water

    They thought they could finish me, just sentence me to this interminable hellhole and walk away, thought Spider. They thought they were being clever, making me out to be the unholy Sisyphus, and themselves Zeus! ‘Make an example out of this one, ...

  3. Waiting for the Big Bang

    Suspended, it floats. Time stops. The egg, just out of reach, slips almost imperceptibly towards its demise. “Oh great, you let another one go!” the first man says. He shuts the airtight lunch box with a clang. “We are on a limited fo...

  4. Lady of the Spring

    dancing out of reach she twirls away, elated just to be alive color on the wind, the children cannot catch her try as though they might so she slips away, returns to waiting flowers: Lady Butterfly.

  5. heart throb

    they are an ultramarine glow, deep sea dancers floating and gloating in silence radiant and comforting the connection of two hearts, two hands, two bodies love personified the feeling of falling headfirst into something strange and wonderful I am surro...

  6. hold on

    Rain splashes over the muddy park, like someone dumping dirty bathwater over the entire city. I see a lone figure sitting on a park bench, watching the carousel spin. He sits slumped, begrudgingly holding himself upright, an overwhelmingly melancholy f...

  7. Susanna's Cats

    Susanna drummed her heels against the shredded chair she sat in, blowing on her hands to stay warm. Snow was falling outside, and the abandoned boxcar she called home didn’t provide much shelter. I’ll have to find a new place to stay before...

  8. Jailcake

    A buzzer sounded, and a young, innocent-looking girl carrying a basket peered in. The prison guard, hiding his surprise, ushered her through. “Right this way, miss,” he said. “You have five minutes.” “Thank you sir!”...

  9. Memories Resurface

    She hides the worn letter, stepping unsurely up to the door.

  10. A Beautiful Journey

    Somewhere over the upside-down rainbow and hidden beneath two starry skies, behind soft, rosy curtains of vigor an enigmatic entity lies. Ride the coat-tails of sweet nothings through the gates and into the sky of imagination’s only frontier, to ...

  11. Chalk is the best medium

    I lie on the pavement, not caring about the chalk on my black clothes, and stare sideways at my fantasy expanse. After three days, the drawing is done. Swirls and designs cover every inch of the driveway, centered around a sketch of an old man. Despite...

  12. Dandelions

    “So, if you could wish for anything in the world, what would it be?” “Duh, more wishes.” “Well, if you couldn’t wish for that… That doesn’t count, pick something else.” It’s a familiar dialogu...

  13. Wild

    “Darling, how nice to see you again!” A pale, blonde woman wafted over to me in a cloud of perfume that contrasted the earthy smell in the air. “How long have you been waiting?” “Oh, not long,” I grimaced as her nail...

  14. Bide Your Time

    Thursday, April 2nd, 2:30pm. A rumpled-looking kid sitting in the middle of the room uneasily raises his hand. “Can you go over problem number thirteen on the notes please?” A tall man leaning carelessly against the well-organized desk at t...

  15. Lost Ball

    “Just do it!” Victor snarls. “What, is poor baby Tommy afraid of big bad Mr. Glass? Show up without my ball again and you’ll find out what I do to cowards. Bring it by Saturday, or you’ll pay, you wimp!” Shoving Tomm...

  16. My Good Friend the Speedometer

    My knuckles turn white from gripping the steering wheel so hard. I roll down the window, letting hot night air rush into the car, smelling the wet pavement and exhaust of a sleeping city. The little red arrow on my dashboard takes a deep breath as I sh...

  17. Liquid Sunshine

    A tired and weary day hangs up its blazing coat on the grove of stoic oaks standing tall in the yard. Hot, dusty air settles over the ancient wooden porch where a child and grandmother sit, sipping tea and watching the sun slowly slip toward the horizo...

  18. The New Generation

    Sipping a steaming cup of espresso and stretching his legs out under the table, the elderly man unfolds his morning newspaper with a snap. But after a few moments, he refolds the paper with a sigh. “What paper were you reading?” the bartend...

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