Bextris and The Captain

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“On a ride… To nowheeeeeeeeerrrre-”

“Cut that out, Bex! You sing that stupid line one more time and I’ll happily toss you out the hatch!”

“Just trying to pass the time, Cap, until you think of somewhere to go. I’m dying to get off this bag of bolts!” Bex whined with her usual teenaged mannerisms.

“That can be arranged.”

“Without going through the hatch in midflight, you comedian.” She glared at the Captain as he shaved his twenty-day old beard off with his laser-razor.

He sighed and put down the razor, turning to her with his ’I’m the adult’ face, “Bextris, I need you to exercise some patience until I find a place to land that is not inhabited by the Star Guard. I haven’t found that yet, so for now, we go on without a destination. Understood?”

She rolled her eyes, “This ride was a lot more fun when we were being chased every two days and you actually liked me. Now, it is a galactic pain in the neck. I’m taking the escape pod next time we’re within a hundred lightyears of an inhabited planet.”

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  1. Avatar shadowlight

    LOL, typical teenager…doesn’t quite see the big picture. Would love to see this continued. Nice job!

    God bless…

  2. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Thanks. :)

  3. Avatar nuclearsubmarine

    Great, reminds me of Firefly a tiny bit :) not like that would be a problem.