The Battle Begins

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Erika stared back at the ugly little monster for a moment, distracted. The thing twisted around her clutching fingers, and bit her neatly on the first knuckle of her thumb.

“OUCH! Stupid imp. That was a mistake.”

She heard the scuffling under her feet too late, as another one spread it’s insect-like wings and flew directly at her face, stopping just short of her nose, and proceeded to slap her, leaving behind a nasty, stinging red welt. The high pitched buzzing of its wings began again and it flitted high into the air, giggling.

“Swat this, lady! You can’t never catch us. We be too fast for you!”

“No! You get back here before—”

The thing alighted on Supposed Author’s desk. Before Erika could move, it promptly overturned a bottle of ink. The noise caused the uninspired human to break out of her reverie, sit up, and look around.

For the briefest instant, Erika imagined herself vanishing into another reality, rather than deal with this mess. “No such luck, girlie. Suck it up and have at it.”

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  1. Avatar NightMaiden

    Haha, I like where you took this. :) Spilled ink stains – and doesn’t come out of shirts. Especially white ones. >_> I know I’d be liking that swatter Erika has if I were dealing with the imps. XD

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