A Shell of a Reunion (Day 107)

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Lena looked at her sister sadly. Laura blinked slowly, rendered non-functional by the drugs in her system. The knees, elbows and forearms of her clothes were streaked with dirt.

“You’ve seen that we are taking good care of her, yes? Has your curiosity been satisfied?” Dr. Somner dry washed his hands as he spoke.

“Does she have to be kept so filthy? What are we paying you for if not for the most basic of necessities?”

“I’m afraid it’s in the fine print, Ms. Dooley. Although I’d hasten to point out that patients are given five sets of clothes, far more than they need really. It is the opinion of the hospital that patients like your sister need structure. If she soils one set, or more than one in this case, then she is to retain in her state until she fixes it herself. Isn’t that right, Lulu?”

Laura blinked uncertainly and moaned. Spittle bubbled out of the corner of her mouth.

Lena couldn’t believe that her parents had left her sister here. She squeezed Laura’s hand. “I’ll come back next week, okay?”

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  1. Avatar shadowlight

    Wow! This is a powerful piece and frightening too because it isn’t altogether outside the realm of possibility. You took the prompt to it’s potentially sinister underpinnings and hit the reader where he lives. Nice job!

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