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I’ve been writing in one way or another for as long as I can remember and before that I was daydreaming (oh, wait…still do that). Favorite genres: fantasy/sci-fi, mystery, suspense, twilight zonish stuff etc. Pretty eclectic. Love to read, write, walk and talk. Main nemesis: procrastination & lack of focus. Published a few times for flash fic and poetry. Nothing major. Editing first fantasy novel for submission. Others on the back burner. Can see some of my work here:


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Looking forward to reading, commenting and receiving comments & getting to know you.


  1. Redemption

    Clouds hid the moon. Caleb grabbed his lantern and the arrows he’d prepared. He opened the lantern, dipped an arrow into the flame and shot it into the thatched roof. Five more followed. Screams filled the air. Caleb smiled grimly. Justice was served...

  2. Destroyer of Worlds

    Anderson swept through the door, turned the nearest chair around and sat with his chin resting on the straight wooden back. He stared at the innocuous looking object beneath the fortified shield. “That it?” “That’s it.” “Don’t look like m...

  3. Traveling in Circles

    It’s so quiet. No one roams the halls or chatters over the intercom. No one practices in the training rooms. Even the command center is silent. Or almost silent. Soft crackling accompanies sparks from my consoles. All is in disarray. Stars whiz past ...

  4. Once a Thief?

    “Who are you?” Sara squinted in the dimness. “ Where are you? Late for what?” “So many questions for one so young.” A tall, orange-skinned male stepped into the light. His eyes glowed. “I am Grebl.” Sara staggered back, searching for th...

  5. Through the Bathroom Window

    Sara kept to the shadows around the school. The day’s humiliation warmed her cheeks. How dare he read her diary to the class? He should know better. She could still see Mr. Marson peering over his wire rimmed glasses. He’d caught her trying to...

  6. The Eye of Sauron

    The memories slowed. A glass ball took shape amidst the images. Dark and foreboding, it exerted a subtle call. Gandalf’s thoughts tensed. Curious. What manner of object could discomfort the powerful wizard? Gentle probing dispelled the shadows to rev...

  7. On the Move

    The water remaining in Sal’s two canteens sloshed enticingly. He ignored it, despite his parched throat. No rain had fallen since the newest round of bickering began two weeks earlier. Everywhere streams dried up, river levels fell, and dark clou...

  8. The Arbitrator

    Sal swore and kept his eyes on the night sky. Colored bolts cut through the haze and smoke that obscured the moon and the stars—stealing the moisture from the air. Blue, red, silver and green flashes represented almost every magician clan in the area...

  9. You Can't Hide

    Laser fire lit up the night sky like the Charles River on the Fourth of July. “Their aim’s getting better,” Sal muttered. “Almost hit us that time.” His partner didn’t answer. Mat hadn’t said anything for hours. If they didn’t get out s...

  10. Seek, Knock, Ask

    It was a nightmare. Everywhere he looked the same monotonous décor. Doors upon doors. On the walls, the floors, even the ceiling. It was ludicrous. Insane. How could this happen? He must be dreaming. Sara’s question popped into his head. “How do y...

  11. Looking for Mr. Rick

    Smoke swirled in the dim cafe. German song battled with French in a clash of notes and lyrics that made Holmes’ head spin. Barbarians. It got louder and louder until the German faded away. Shouted down. A portly gentleman emerged from the haze, a...

  12. The Summons

    Fifty yards. Just fifty yards. Half a football field. Without the end zones. The distance between the edge of the woods at which he stood and his sister’s house. A few quick steps would take him across the dirt road and the yard, up the stairs an...

  13. They Gave Me a Gun

    Early birds sing outside my window. Shafts of pale moonlight fade into the gray pre-dawn of another day. Not that I can see much through the high barred slats. Just enough to know there is another world beyond my dim, cramped cell. Somewhere a drum rol...

  14. Diet Pills

    It was an easy choice. Take the pills, lose the pounds. Eve sighed. The ‘lose the pounds’ had sold her. That and the guarantee. She looked at her reflection and almost didn’t recognize the person she saw. “Even my parents wouldn’t know me.”...

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