Playground Attack

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Aaron was the first child on the playground to discover it. “’Ey!” he shouted.

Bonnie turned and noticed it right away. “Bee!” she cried.

Carl was next to spot the giant creature. “See!” he exclaimed, pointing.

The children fled to the safety of their classroom. Doris ran alongside her twin sister, who stumbled and fell. “Dee!” said Doris as she helped her sister up.

“Eee!” shrieked Erin, as she narrowly avoided getting stung.

Frank, who was warned by his teacher multiple times not to swear, could only mutter, “Eff.”

George, intrigued by the thought of the creature’s origin, mused, “Gee…”

Harriet reached the classroom door and paused to say…

The giant insect snatched her up and took her away before she could even get a letter out.

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