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I’m still BARomero, and for whatever reason, ficly won’t let me sign onto my original account on my home PC (my work PC is a different story, but I don’t get a lot of time to do much writing there). Anyway, you might see me here under this name, or just as BARomero, depending on where I’m posting from.


  1. Gone Is Me Continued...

    Now to this Three We add one more This Family has become Four…

  2. Turning Over

    My son is crying. He is lying on his side, his back arched like a bow. He is trying like a madman to turn onto his stomach. I am lying on the bed, only inches away from him. And. I. Am. Doing. Nothing. It would be really easy for me to take his hand an...

  3. New Eyes

    Eyes That see An old world As if brand new, Cause me To see That world With new eyes too.

  4. Rising Fires

    “Relax, Ed! I just thought they were yours,” Scud smiled down at Edgar. He was a foot taller than Edgar, which made sense because Scud was two years older, even though they were in the same grade. Which was fine with him. Scud was making good bucks...

  5. Gone Is Me

    Gone is Me It’s become We And now this We Has become Three We call this Three A Family

  6. Boiling Point

    Edgar had had enough. Edgar wasn’t the strongest boy in gym class. He wasn’t the fastest or the most agile. In fact, the only thing that Edgar excelled at was in consistently being the last to be picked for a team and the first to be eliminated at ...

  7. Here In My Hands

    I have your feet They are so fun I have your feet I make them run I have your feet Here in my hands I have your feet My little man. I have your hands They are so small I have your hands They hold a ball I have your hands Here in my hands I have your ha...

  8. Back on Friday

    On a sunny and clear day Bob stood at the corner, clutching Ronnie’s hand while they waited for the school bus to arrive. “Why do you have to go?” Ronnie asked him. “Work stuff. Very boring,” Bob answered quickly. But he mused, On a day like ...

  9. Three Little Monkeys

    Three little monkeys going ’round Three little monkeys go up and down What will they do when they get to town? This one wants to see the clowns… Two little monkeys going ’round Two little monkeys go up and down What will they do when ...

  10. The Ace

    “Quiet, please,” he heard the judge say as a hush fell over the court. A bead of sweat formed on his temple and tickled as it ran to his chin. He needed to slow himself down and focus. This was, he told himself, a sport of second chances af...

  11. The Milk Song

    Yum, yum, yum, Yum, yum, yum… Milk is good for my son… Builds strong bones, teeth and gums… Goes down smooth to his tum…

  12. The Itch

    An itch in my nose stirs me from my sleep. I awaken in complete darkness, but of course, it’s always dark here. The itch, while irritating, soon gives way to a greater sensation: hunger. I let myself drop from the ceiling and immediately begin flappi...

  13. Countdown Commencing...

    “All department heads, I’ll need a Go/No-Go for Launch. Cousins?” “Go.” “Aunts?” “Go.” “Uncles?” “Go, Launch.” “Grandparents?” “We are Go, Launch.” “Friends?” “Friends – Go, Launch.” “Ki...

  14. Playground Attack

    Aaron was the first child on the playground to discover it. “’Ey!” he shouted. Bonnie turned and noticed it right away. “Bee!” she cried. Carl was next to spot the giant creature. “See!” he exclaimed, pointing. The children fled to the sa...

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