Blown away

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Blown away, blown away, the singer on the radio sang. It was the story of my life. Everything had blown away , everything was hopeless. There was no acceptance letter to Princeton, no awards, no scholarship, no friends. All my dreams had shattered like a broken glass.Pamela Anderson used to be my best friend.
My parents didn’t believe me, no one did. To them, I was a naive teenager who ruined her future by cheating on the SAT. My honor roll friends turned on me, my family became distant. My grandma even took my picture off her refrigerator. Now, the cold white metal was bare, except for a picture of my brother.
I became a zombie.
I went through all the usual motions; dressed,ate breakfast, went to my minimum wage job, paid bills. But my heart wasn’t in it. And my mind was a thousand miles away, in Princeton, NJ.
Every day, I slaved away at a job I hated, only to return to a city where I was hated.
(Most people from my high school stayed in-state)
If only life had second chances.
But my life had blown away.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Cold and stark. You just want some prince to ride in on a white stallion and make everything all better.
    She’s a smart girl, she will figure something out.

  2. Avatar JonB

    Some erratic punctuation, and I presume that all your dreams shattered like a broken glass? Although I sort of like it the way you wrote it. Other than that nitpicking, a nice description of that flat, blunt feeling when something desired very badly is denied. And I love the grandmother erasing her from her refrigerator…an unfortunate coincidence, or a deliberate act of malice?

  3. Avatar BiC

    I enjoyed the ‘Pamela Anderson used to be my best friend’ line. It seems to be from out-of-nowhere, but then again it makes you doubt the whole ‘Princeton’ thing too, so maybe it’s a story device to define the character.

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