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I love writing…
Especially poems.
Some of my stories are dark, sorry.
Remember that you’re worth it <3


  1. Creativity

    creativity taped up, held down packaged in a box and sold for any amount of money taken “borrowed” bought sold “creativity” isn’t creativity if it’s common it isn’t creativity if someone else did it first that...

  2. tears

    these are my teardrops that fall like rain they glitter and shine and never stop these tears of mine are pain

  3. Prologue of sorts

    We met on the first day of third grade at Sunset Ridge Elementary. We mutually disliked each other. We weren’t in the same class; so we successfully managed to avoid one another. Then, on January 12th, our paths crossed again. I was heading over...

  4. novel in progress (is this a good beginning?)

    “Is that the third time you’ve giggled in less than 5 minutes?” What’s up with you, Sky? You finally decide to be a girl?" my best friend Owen said in his goofy, mocking tone. He smirked as he awaited my answer. “It&#...

  5. she

    she writes a list of all the things she hates about herself it is just one word: everything he writes a list of all the things he loves about her it is one word: everything

  6. +/-

    Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth. They only hurt you because they are hurt themselves. Broken people break others, but it doesn’t make them any more whole. Don’t walk over everyone else ...

  7. unknown

    the only person you truly know is yourself but when you look at yourself you don’t see what others see you look at your reflection and don’t like what looks back at you you see flaws and mistakes where you should see someone who is beauti...

  8. please

    life without you is not a life worth living please stay even if only for me I need you I need you more than you will ever need me but please just stay

  9. UNloved

    unloved and alone sometimes even my own shadow abandons me I don’t blame it for leaving I don’t blame anyone for walking away from me I would leave me too

  10. I miss

    I miss the summers that never ended I miss living life without a care I miss loyalty, stability I long to be hugged once more as if I was yours I miss laughing I miss smiling I miss being loved but most of all I miss you

  11. "BFF"

    I remember your birthday You probably don’t know mine Your favorite color was blue Your favorite color nine We used to laugh until we cried Dance until our unathletic bodies died Stay up until the morning light Sing Selena Gomez at the top of our...

  12. Be yourself

    live life be you do what you want to say what you mean to say live your dream for one day, you will never wake up

  13. long gone

    You’re long gone I don’t know where you went but you linger- a distant shadow of someone who knew me better than i know myself The frozen girl- in the coffin - isn’t you she doesn’t wink or smile or wear clothes that were nev...

  14. .

    Most days I don’t even know why. why i have friends, why i run, why i sing in the shower why i exist it still a mystery

  15. pieces

    the broken pieces left behind, buried in dust forgotten for now

  16. moment

    remember every moment because it just might be the last you have

  17. haiku

    let your words flow out like the floodwaters after the storm don’t spare me anything

  18. light

    there is a crack in everything the broken shards can cut your fingers you see the crack and think there is only darkness but the cracks are how light gets in

  19. idk

    after you i closed the door locked my heart hid the key skipped the part where you broke me shut out the world but then you called and i didn’t know what to do

  20. you

    I talk about you every night and day but you don’t know my name I sing you praises but you’re tone-deaf I write love letters to you but you don’t know my story I dream of you while you dream of her I love you but you hardly know me

  21. The Rain

    Not even the rain can wash away all the pain all the walls that came between us horrible things I can’t explain I didn’t mean for you to go away Take back the words I wish I didn’t say all this time together, all this time apart the d...

  22. runaway

    I ran away but it wasn’t a surprise my disappearance was merely a delay in their perfect, perfect lives They won’t miss me for a day I’ll surely be replaced I’m dead to them, they’ll say but I was never alive They consider...

  23. Webs

    The webs we weave are they meant to deceive or do we just get lost along the way forget the words we meant to say until it becomes a tangled mess with lies, more is truly less

  24. Poem

    The world is full of kings and queens who take your heart and destroy your dreams they crush you like you’re a bug then they sweep you under a rug like you never mattered at all Constructive criticism, please. I don’t usually try rhyming an...

  25. Safety in Silence

    There is safety in silence. I enjoy silence. I don’t enjoy it because I despise conversation, or I dislike people. Silence protects me from myself. It rescues me from what I say. When I speak, careless words slip from my tongue, injuring ones I l...

  26. mom

    I asked my mom how she felt about having the best child ever. She said, " I don’t know, ask your grandma."

  27. pointless

    It’s pointless to hope when your hopes are always crushed there is no reason to dream when your dreams will never come true and why bother trying when you try, time and time again, only to fall head over heels you try because you hope, you dream ...

  28. >

    Sometimes I feel like I am trapped within my own mind a labryinth with no escape

  29. pride

    She was his one and only pride She was preserved in his mansion protected from harsh reality Displayed in a glass case for all to see it drove him crazy whenever she erred for he wanted her to be perfect One day she escaped her coffin and it broke him...

  30. Blown away

    Blown away, blown away, the singer on the radio sang. It was the story of my life. Everything had blown away , everything was hopeless. There was no acceptance letter to Princeton, no awards, no scholarship, no friends. All my dreams had shattered like...

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