Foe Paw

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Direct from cause and effect
I find that on the whole
Your abject insensitivity
(with respect to the
affected attitude of
emotional abnormality)
Coinciding with a wild ride
Of undecided trite and flighty
Homilies delivered
Would send the bravest soul
To shivers

I have to believe
That your contrived
Lies aligned their lines
Parallel to what most
Would call an icy hell
And slipped beneath
The notice of the greatest
And mostest likely
To spot a spike in
Conduct unbecoming

But if I had to leave
A final thought
I ought not toss
Enough words to cause
The loss of a pointed
Ruler rhyme
So tough times aside
I mind the finding out
Of the kind of hollows
You hand out
On a foot-in-mouth
Sort of day

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    That was a fun read. Feels like tumbling down a slightly perturbed hill.

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