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Her name was Sorra.
Her dark hair wove across the mustard tall grass as she ran into the sunset.
The illuminating light kissed her rosy cheeks that were flushed from running in circles.
The little girl’s giggles were heart-melting.
She put her hands out and looked to the wind, “Mommy, Daddy!” she called.

In a sudden flash the sky turned black and the meadow turned to ash. In one moment Sorra’s world was burnt to nothing more than a toxic bag of waste.

It wasn’t until her mother looked down between her legs and saw the blood that she knew what she had done.
She had taken away her own daughter’s chance of life, before she even had her first heartbeat.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Took me a moment there to follow. At first I thought something other-worldly, like gods and godesses. Then I thought maybe nuclear war. Definitely clear by the end though, and quite a pointed critique of a particular choice. In the first bit, I think girls needs an apostrophe on it somewhere.