Reflecting Pool

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I’ve stepped back, walked into the sunset. It was my time.
I turn to look back.

Taking stock:
The burning isn’t iron-hot, now. My tongue has nearly forgotten the taste of ashes. I have begun to fill the hollow once carved in my soul. Green things are growing.

Anger. Was it worth the anger?
I could say, no. I could say, I was young, I made mistakes.
But really, who would I be fooling?

We burned bright, we burned hot, and I wouldn’t change a minute of it.
I was forged in the heat of that anger.
The person I was, under that pressure, without appearances or gift-wrapping, was my self.

That hair’s-breath between order and catastrophe became my North Star.

When I was young I cursed, I ranted, I raved.
Perhaps we were mad.
Perhaps I was mad.
I threw myself at every opportunity with the ferocity of a linebacker
With my entire being

Perhaps it was too much.
The prize was worth the price.

I realize now that in truth, I know only one thing absolutely:
1. I’m not done growing yet.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    I like it, both the stoccato type rhythm to it as well as the overall message of taking stock of the past, seeing it for what it was, and appreciating the journey with all its bumps and flares.

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