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  1. Returning

    There’s a sadness to walking into a building you once knew. You expect things to be as they were left, but time has passed. Time has passed without you, and it’s staggering The feeling knocks you off balance When you look into a room and s...

  2. Left Behind

    She stands at the window, a statue. Outside, the dark cityscape bursts with suppressed movement, holding its breath, waiting for dawn. She does not wait. It is all she can manage, just to be. On the horizon, the sun breaks free. She can’t. The world ...

  3. First Dive

    You take everything for granted, before. Then you learn, and every detail counts. Breathing, Depth, Nitrogen, Planning. You are new, a child, naïve. You are an explorer, trained, an astronaut on the moon. Your breaths are loud in your ears as you t...

  4. Reflecting Pool

    I’ve stepped back, walked into the sunset. It was my time. I turn to look back. Taking stock: The burning isn’t iron-hot, now. My tongue has nearly forgotten the taste of ashes. I have begun to fill the hollow once carved in my soul. Gree...

  5. Numbers

    One night out with friends Two eyes meet Three hours pass Seven digits are exchanged Eight days inch by, a table for two Ninth morning, breakfast Ten weeks later “I love you” Thirteen weeks after, meet the family Fourteen months after we fi...

  6. "Demons"

    The world was silent. For a minute it paused and froze as he twisted in the air. All the voices echoed inside him, inside what was left-    When the days are cold    and the cards all fold   Nothing he did now could change the ...

  7. Remembering

    Voices from the past resonate in the air Shivers for who we once were Who we are no longer What we have lost Who we have lost I was a child I was a child with a child’s ambition and imagination I was a child and free. My life was limitless. If I ...

  8. good news

    Dancing in the parking lot. Are you trying to catch his feet, but nothing can hold The cold air burns your lungs, but weep I finally feel Despite the snow that had ears It is not enough to understand the simple answer It was not enough to listen I had ...

  9. Una Bona Notícia

    Ballant en l’estacionament. Està tractant d’atrapar els peus, però res pot retenir L’aire fred crema els pulmons, però ploro Vaig sentir finalment Malgrat la neu que tenia les orelles No és suficient per entendre la resposta simpl...

  10. Hyvä Uutinen

    Dancing in parkkipaikalla. Yrittää saada kiinni minun jalat, mutta mikään ei voi pitää minut Kylmä ilma polttaa keuhkoihin, mutta itken Kuulin vihdoin Vaikka lunta oli korvat Ei riitä ymmärtämään yksinkertaista vastausta Se ei ollut tarpeek...

  11. Goda Nyheter

    Dans på parkeringen. Is försöker fånga mina fötter, men ingenting kan hålla mig Den kalla luften bränner dina lungor, men jag gråter Jag hörde slutligen Även om snön hade öron Det är inte tillräckligt att förstå den enkla svaret Det var...

  12. Una Buona Notizia

    Ballo nel parcheggio. Ice cercando di catturare i miei piedi, ma niente che possa trattenermi L’aria fredda brucia i polmoni, ma ancora piango Ho finalmente sentito Anche se la neve aveva le orecchie Non è sufficiente a comprendere semplicemente...

  13. Bonnes Nouvelles

    Je danse dans le stationnement. Glaçons essayez d’attraper mes pieds, mais rien ne peut me retenir L’air froid me brûle les poumons, mais j’ai encore crier J’ai enfin entendu Bien que la neige avait fait mes oreilles Il ne suf...

  14. Good News

    I’m dancing in the parking lot. Icicles are trying to catch my feet, but nothing can hold me down The cold air burns my lungs but I still shout I finally heard Though the snow had packed my ears It wasn’t enough to merely understand the ans...

  15. Seeking: One Girl

    I’m a student at the school in town, and I’m looking for this girl. It’s really not as creepy as it sounds, I swear. I need to find her-but hey, hear me out before you judge. So, I’m walking by the Residence apartments the othe...

  16. Rain

    She stood there, hands outstretched, feeling the cool rain drive down on her head and hands. Suddenly, it was just too much. Her friends deserting her, her job, the fight, her hair…it was just too much. She slid down the wall of the diner, crumpl...

  17. Blame

    I’ve worked and worked. For you. For them. You say that my work has been noticed. They know. But have you noticed me? I came to you yesterday. I said, I need a hand. There’s this thing that I’ve been doing for you, for them. I can...

  18. A Storm

    The shell cracked off-and talons grew. Against the building storm, the creature’s burning silhouette cried out to the heavens, and lightening struck. Three leagues hence, as the crow flew, a child awoke in the night.

  19. Lecture hall (Mature)

  20. Taste of Ashes

    I’ve won now. I’ve won it all. I’ve made those who brought me here proud. And you’ve accepted me. Grudgingly, I am given a place. You could no longer deny my excellence. But those around me aren’t comfortable. I burn too b...

  21. The Straw That Broke... (Mature)

  22. Letter

    I hate you. Maybe hate’s a strong word for a person like me, but I won’t use any other. I am good at my job. Excellent, in fact. And you’re threatened by that. I understand. I’m better at our work. You might not ever consciously...

  23. The End.

    His eyes met ours. He was old, though we knew not the exact tally of the years. We sensed his age, not through our eyes, which showed us lines and folds and softening edges, not through our ears, which heard each rattling breath, but with some other se...

  24. Burnt

    I thought the last pain was worse. Scratched out before I could even begin, my childhood ambitions shredded, shrunk, to a second-place finish in a race I couldn’t even start. But at least there was hope, there. I could still build something. I c...

  25. Reflection in a pond

    The World is a reflection of your own soul. Courage is finding a way to accept that.

  26. The Beginning

    The sun was setting, tinging rooftops bloodred. A normal sunset, excepting the lack of noise and bustle. This was not a peaceful silence, as one would find in a natural setting. No, this silence was akin to that of an empty surgical bay, anticipating b...

  27. Forest Violin

    A dark forest clearing with a beacon of light. Moss creeps over unplucked strings, who ache for the fingers that caressed it, enticed it to sing. No more is it a dancer. Insects scuttle over the heart that wants- wants to tremor, to vibrate, as it once...

  28. Snark

    You are my greatest fear, incarnated, with wrinkles as deep as the grave I will dig. You laughed, once, when I asked whence they came. But how was I to know of your joys? All I see is a husk, A broken husk that mocks me with each rattling breath. You s...

  29. Listen to me!

    They wouldn’t listen. Those damned political cowards. The world needed to know: they were wrong. He knew the correct answer. First he had written a letter to the newspaper. No response. Well, perhaps the mayor didn’t always read the full ...

  30. I am

    I am a tree. My roots rest in balanced soil. My leaves turn up to recieve the sun’s power. My knarled bark tells my story, holds tales of my sorrows and joys. I am a tree. I will reach my whole life upwards, stretching for the sky. My canopy wi...

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