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We are barely surviving in the past of slave-run services. Every day with each day’s passing hour they are denied use of toilet facilities, breaks, family and any shred of dignity. We have never approached the threshold of a technical world. We understand that cloud hosting is to blame for raining down and short circuiting our simple devices; run on twenty refurbished D cell batteries actually. Too bad we can’t refurbish our indentured work force! An industry joke, ha ha. The web hosting is one of the mandatory steps that we undertake for our websites. If our prepubescent workers, with their tiny bloody fingers, can’t fulfill your demands for superior products, then the undertaker is summoned. Another joke, ha ha. If you are also thinking to transform from an undedicated workforce to sustain your VPS cloud hosting services, then you are into the correct path of the cheapest labor available, my neighbor’s children!

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  1. Avatar BiC

    Ha. Oh, really I feel bad for laughing at this. It’s so sad. Maybe I’ll buy some ‘cloud hostings service’ just from sheer pity. :)

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