4. I Laughed Myself Away

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Comedy often makes us laugh, if it is done well. Curiously, so does a jolt of sudden fear, if it turns out that the shock was needless and especially if we have been seen in our vulnerable moment and feel self-conscious.
Maybe some of the best comedy combines these two things: they make us laugh at ourselves because we know that we act ridiculously when we are afraid.
For me, it was different. I knew at the time that I was unjustified in killing my tormentors; that’s what God’s judgment is for. They knew I didn’t belong to the people of Mars, and could not accept me as one from Venus. They didn’t accept me as being a citizen of Earth, either.
I chose to use a knife to cut the Gordian knot open simply.
I left Earth behind, stained with their blood, echoing with their laughter and my cry of rage and triumph.
I woke up here. I am glad, in a way, I am in Hell, for now this airless case does not stifle me.
Now, lack of companionship does that. The only things that were justified, in the end, were my fears.

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  1. Avatar JonB

    I like this better than the last one, though I’m still not entirely sure what you’re getting at. Interesting reflections in the first couple of paragraphs, but I think this needs a bit more characterisation to draw the reader in. But then again, I guess with this, you’re not in the business of trying to tell a conventional story – so perhaps that doesn’t matter.

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