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Oooooh, key words!

Pick a “tag team” (below) and write a story that features those two tags.
















Extra points will be awarded:
-If the “tag team” tags are the theme of your story.
-If the first word of your story is one “tag team” tag and the last word of the story is the other “tag team” tag.
-If you and/or others sequel and/or prequel and include some or all the other “tag teams”!

Oooooh, key words!

  • Started June 21st, 2013.
  • Ended September 21st, 2013.
  • Created by BiC

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Challenge has ended


  1. Adopted (poem)

    Author: Angela LaFey

  2. Halsey's Dilemma

    Author: 32 ^2

  3. We are Failing

    Author: remembrancer

  4. Darkness

    Author: Angela LaFey

  5. Wanted: Dead or Dead

    Author: 32 ^2

  6. Weapons Training Guide

    Author: 32 ^2

  7. Jungle Jane Junior

    Author: ElshaHawk (LoA)

  8. Race Against Time

    Author: remembrancer

  9. Buying Time

    Author: BiC

  10. To My Inner Six Year Old

    Author: remembrancer

  11. Pilot

    Author: Angela LaFey

  12. Darkness within

    Author: Angela LaFey

  13. Personal Space Pilot

    Author: THX 0477


    Author: awayken

  15. Running

    Author: Angela LaFey

  16. Time Will Tell

    Author: remembrancer

  17. Rabid Dogs

    Author: Stockholm

  18. Always and Ever Present.

    Author: M. J. Puch

  19. 2. Tantalus of the Telephone

    Author: Shoving Leopard

  20. 3. The Origins of the Genders

    Author: Shoving Leopard

  21. 4. I Laughed Myself Away

    Author: Shoving Leopard

  22. 5. An Image Under Glass

    Author: Shoving Leopard

  23. 6. Powers of Communication; Powers of Imagination

    Author: As Large as Alone

  24. 7. Cramped

    Author: As Large as Alone

  25. 8. ZXooomed!

    Author: As Large as Alone

  26. 9. Finally, my Solo!

    Author: As Large as Alone

  27. One Step Forward

    Author: remembrancer

  28. 10. The Problem with Eternal Reward/Punishment

    Author: As Large as Alone

  29. Poetry on My Daughter's Poem (Repost because it's not a sequel)

    Author: As Large as Alone

  30. 11. In Obscurity, There is Protection

    Author: As Large as Alone

  31. 12. Tale Told by an Idiom

    Author: As Large as Alone

  32. Dreaming of Dawn

    Author: remembrancer

  33. The Final Frontier

    Author: remembrancer

  34. Five Stages

    Author: remembrancer

  35. 13. Transparent Pride

    Author: As Large as Alone

  36. 14. Persis Performs

    Author: As Large as Alone

  37. 15. The Challenge: Wonders Ever Cease

    Author: As Large as Alone

  38. A Promise to Return

    Author: remembrancer

  39. Wish Upon a Star

    Author: remembrancer

  40. 16. What it All Means to Me

    Author: As Large as Alone

  41. 17. Conclusion: My Dark Campfire

    Author: As Large as Alone

  42. Black Widow

    Author: remembrancer

  43. light

    Author: Angela LaFey

  44. As Flames Die

    Author: remembrancer

  45. Lightning Strikes

    Author: remembrancer

  46. How Laughable

    Author: remembrancer

  47. In the End

    Author: remembrancer


  1. Avatar remembrancer

    Yes. I just finished the last tag team.

    Thank you for such an awesome challenge. I love how much material I managed to generate over the last few months with this challenge in mind.

  2. Avatar BiC

    Wow! I’ve got a lot of reading to do over the next few days. Awesome work, ALaA.

    Thanks to all for participating. – Has anyone else written a story for every ‘tag team’?

  3. Avatar As Large as Alone

    Yay, the entire sequence is complete, with bookends yet. :D Thank you for an excellent experience. An adventure, I believe it’s fair to say.

  4. Avatar Shoving Leopard

    I am trying to make a chain of entries that present a sort of fantasy or science fictional image of a kind of hell. Your pairs are working out great, but I don’t think I can use absolutely all of these in one chain the way I’m going. I may have to make a transition or else try a second storyline… Great challenge!

  5. Avatar 32 ^2

    Sad: No teams

    Happy: No teams.

    Satisfied: Now I know what’s up.

  6. Avatar BiC

    Let me explain: The challenge is not about tag teaming, it’s about tag “teams”. Your idea of tag teaming sounds fun but it might be a bit more difficult to employ. – I hope this helps. I’m looking forward to your participation.

  7. Avatar 32 ^2

    So let me clarify, tag teaming would be like one story beginning with dark and ending in fear, the sequel beginning with challenge and ending in accident? To me, tag teaming would be like dark/fear, then fear/death, the next, fear/space, or the like.

    I guess I don’t understand how your tagging works, I would love to try it.

  8. Avatar BiC

    just kidding
    Of course you can enter ‘a previously written story’. Ficly is full of previously written stories. In fact, I’d venture to say 60- 70 percent of the stories here are previously written. (There I go with the numbers again. :)

  9. Avatar Angela LaFey

    Another question… (sorry)
    Can you enter a previously written story in the contest?

  10. Avatar BiC

    Again, good question. 15 entries would be ample enough; an entry for each ‘tag team’ would be ideal. (Funny, I’m sounding more and more like a numbers guy. Aren’t I?:)

  11. Avatar Angela LaFey

    How many stories can you enter?

  12. Avatar BiC

    Good question, Ms. LaFey. I guess I have till September 21st to figure that out. In the meantime, please continue to add entries into the challenge. I’m not a numbers guy, but I think it’s likely to increase your chances to win. :)

  13. Avatar Angela LaFey

    Just wondering, but how do you know who won the challenge?

  14. Avatar BiC

    I plan to participate but am not eligible to win, obviously. :) – Oooooh, challenges!

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