The Face of Hunger

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Kiriko’s stomach growled.Lighting another cigarette, she took a drag and hoped the nicotine would stave off hunger for a little while longer. Rain pelted the over hang. She shivered.

Across the street Ari, squatter and more peasant-like, stood on the corner of the curb, dark umbrella in hand.

“Hey, Ari!”

Ari looked around as if bewildered by the sound of her own name. Eventually, her gaze came to rest on Kiriko. “Kiri-chan?”

“Yes, it is I, the humble fiddler-ina.”

Ari’s grimaced at Kiriko’s clothes. “Times are hard, neh?”

Kiriko shrugged. “No more or less than any other.”

“I’m glad you’re doing well for yourself.”

“Of course I am. How else would I be doing?”

Ari gave her head a tiny shake that made her bangs dance. “It’s been nice to see you but I have to go.”

Kiriko’s hand shot out and grabbed Ari’s wrist. “Please, do you have a few bucks or maybe an apple?”

Gently, Ari unwrapped Kiriko’s fingers. “I seem to recall you making fun of me for working all summer. Where are all your other friends now?”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Adorable and tender rendition of the ants and the grasshopper’s tale. I like the Asian tilt to it and the subltety. Great entry into the challenge.

  2. Avatar As Large as Alone

    This is awesome. I like my fridge realization of what story it was. The last bit of dialogue locked it in place for me. :D

  3. Avatar Infinity.

    I had to read the story of the grasshopper and the ant because I hadn’t heard of it and at the end it was really good. I liked how you said that Kiriko made fun of Ari for working all summer just like the ant and grasshopper.
    Really good job tying that in!