Planned Parenthood in 2278

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They used time tags, synced with central computing. Jan was born at 3:02:45 AM, and the randomizer picked “sleuth” from the list of needed future professionals. Sleuthery needs a longer prep time than some other jobs; it’ll be about 27 years before she’ll go live. Me and the wife were encouraged by the relatively high status of the job, but a bit unnerved at the danger that goes with it. Wish she could get another option. But hey, that’s how it goes now. Decanting might’ve been better, but this new world isn’t all that brave.
So then she goes down the belt to get her shots, of course. That’s the way it is nowadays, not like it was when I was a kid. I at least have the luxury to regret my life choices, to drink the misery away. Not the way she’ll have it. I feel guilty, having done her the disservice of participating in her birthing plans and process.
Being deaf, I imagine she’ll have a harder time of it than some others, but that’s how it goes. I’ve heard of worse.
The next few years will be a challenge….

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