Narsit Caught in the Act

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Narsit had the Stone. He swiftly scampered back to the cave entrance, past the columns, and darting around the fallen monolith. His heart was moving at least as quickly as his feet.
Unfortunately, the guard who had been just outside when he had grabbed the Stone had longer legs, and was a faster runner. Narsit looked over his shoulder in alarm. He’d have a hard time losing her, but with luck, he could see better in the dark, and besides, she’d have trouble with the low ceiling of the tunnel. Jumping clear of her grasping hands with a leap that startled both of them, he sprang for the entrance and into the tunnel with a whoop of fear.
He needed the Stone back for the good of his people. The Warlock had stolen it for its supposed magical powers, but Narsit had no interest in that, nor could he care a whit for the Warlock’s well being. He needed it for the crops to grow, for the fields of his family to be fertile. Nothing could be accomplished any more with ordinary farming.
Behind him rushed the guard, cursing.

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  1. Avatar As Large as Alone

    I’m not at all sure if this is part of Arietta’s story or not. . .