Rain and Thunder

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Laying on my bed,
Listening to the rain,
Wishing with my heart that this pain would go away.
No one really knows my life,
No one knows my choices.
All any one does see,
Are these happy faces.

Would they care anyway,
if they knew that I cried at night?
From the choices of my past,
they will effect my future life.
I wish I had know this,
a few years ago..
I wouldn’t have done what I did,
Or what I continue to do.

Rumble, rumble Crack, crack
Is that the sound of thunder?
Or the sound of my heart?
Drip, drip Splash, splash
Is that the sound of rain?
Or the sound of my tears falling on this page?

Will my past dictate my future?
Everyone says it will.
Can I change me, with the will of my heart?
Everyone says I can’t.

Would I have been different,
if someone would have filled my need of a crush,
saying that they love me too?
But that didn’t happen, no.

the rest I don’t feel comfortable putting up :)

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  1. Avatar The Fantastic Mister Fish

    you’re a great poet, and a lot of your writings I can relate to. i look forward to more from you in the future!

  2. Avatar TextMason

    Interesting – the flip side of On My Mind. This is the brash brand burned low, searing the wielder in the quiet of the night. Again – if you can express this to others, it credits you that you know it for yourself. One thing I can always expect from your writing is unfiltered YOU.

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