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Announcement: _If you read my entries, please put a comment. I cannot say how many times I have been disappointed by not having comments.. I see the times it’s been read, yet there are not as many comments to show for it. Very sad. :’( _

I am one of the Original Ficletters whose beloved website got ripped from their hands. :‘( But it’s better now since we have the offspring website, which is this… FICLY!!! Since we had to wait so long for this glorious website, I also have my writings on Protagonize.com/author/Brebelles So check me out there. :)
Yay! I was just approved for entry into the LoA aka League of Awesomeness! :) Saint Smiley. <3

I like feed-back, so PLEASE tell me honestly what you think. Because, how can I improve, if you don’t help me??
I love to write. I write songs and poems.
I’ve been meaning to post stories, but that is not my love. I try and try, but I seem not to succeed. My friends are all creative. I love them and my family.

One of my close friends passed away in a terrible car crash. It saddened my family. My best friend Blossom, who is on here as Blossom Ruoqen, was her sister. I LOVE YOU BLAH!! ♥

I’ve been trying to write how I feel.. but I just don’t know how to put it into words. I don’t know the right words to put down. I wish I did, because as much as I know a certain person knows how I feel about them, I’d love to be able to put into words for them.

An Additional Note: Ficly is a second home to those who’s multiple personalities require more room to cultivate their quirkiness. A family of strangers with so much in common, where we hide behind fake names and stories but reveal more of ourselves that way than we ever could.

Favorite author Patrick Carmen Favorite book uh, thats hard….I like Narnia, The Land of Elyon, His Dark Materials


  1. Icy Dreams Pt 1

    Drowning. That’s always what he dreams of. Drowning in an icy lake, being numbed to physical pain, yet conscious of the fact that he can’t breathe… then he wakes up. Ever since Derek could remember he had this dream. Every night. It w...

  2. The Final Note.

    Loved ones, This was not expected, You couldn’t tell – my laughter and smiles hid the pain. It’s okay, Don’t blame yourselves, Nothing you could’ve said would have changed my mind. I’m gone. There is no after life, I...

  3. A Year Ago - Poem

    A year ago, We were merely friends. A year ago, Something in us – changed. A year ago, We had something new to try. A year ago, Our unspoken rules – we bent. A year ago, I told you that this wasn’t a phase. A year ago, We decided to l...

  4. Stranger's Suicide

    All the things in your head – you regret. Are you standing on solid ground, Or are you actually upside down? Black is white, Up seems down, Day was night. Opinions and choices, No one ever seems to hear the voices, That are in this twisted, sick ...

  5. An Late Late Evening, Early Mornin Poem - Brii&Cherish.Darling2

    My beloved, why do you shout? I loved you so, but you put me outside, i search for you, though you hide still my loyalty you doubt. I will not walk, I will not run, from you, here I shall stand, your face, eww, i find it bland BANG, BANG off goes my gu...

  6. An Late Late Evening, Early Mornin Poem - Brii&Cherish.Darling1

    Where is the book, Where, oh where is the bag?! where is that ole trifflin’ hag? Is she hiding – hanging on that hook? day and night i search high and low, Over counters, under beds, sideways mirrors, inside heads, oh where did my beloved g...

  7. Darling Grandma 10.26.12 ©

    Wonderful woman – Darling Grandma of mine, I remember you strong, I remember you fine, I refuse to remember how fast you decline- -Do you remember, Just a few years past, When we were younger, How it went by fast, Stories you read me, Questions I...

  8. Moon & Sun

    I love you, Like the moon loves the sun, He chases her – day after day and night after night, He never tires, Never gives up. I adore you, Like the sun adores the moon, Giving him her light to use at night, To find her, to meet her at dawn. They ...

  9. The Promise 3

    I unwillingly parted from the familiar field filled with memories, back home. When I got back there, my parents and Jame’s parents were waiting for me. Not one sign of James. That’s when they told me James died. Died. I don’t remember...

  10. The Promise 2

    He took me to this field we had often played in as children, where we shared our innermost secrets, where we watched meteor shower in the dead of winter, so of course this would be where he took me. He sat me down, and promised his undying love to me a...

  11. The Promise 1

    He promised he would never leave me, never leave me wondering, never would disappear. Never, ever, ever. But now… He’s gone. The day he made me that promise, was the last day I ever saw him. We were the best of friends, knowing each other s...

  12. Goodbye Lover

    What happened, those nights, I don’t really know. What I do know is that - I am, is, was, forever will be… Lost. In. You. In your eyes, your touch, smell, warmth…. In. Everything. Didn’t matter where we were, Who we were, What w...

  13. People (Poem)

    People are just ‘people’, Until you say that first ‘Hello’, Who knows what could happen, When you meet someone new. People are just ‘people’, Until you make the first move, One has to be the vulnerable one, The very ...

  14. Here's to Ficly!

    Ficly. What can I say about you? You, who once were Ficlets, Saved me from, well, myself, The self-loathing, uncommunicative, shy girl I once was. You taught me how to express myself, In front of strangers who turned to friends, The ones I still have t...

  15. Fear vs. Love (Free Form poem)

    There is fear in love, Is there not? Fear of falling for someone who does not show the same affections as you, Or even fear of losing the one whom you love. Fear of betrayal. Fear of unfaithfulness, Of disloyalty, Of heart break. But, no matter how muc...

  16. Lost in Translation

    Hidden behind jokes, Unseen by the naked eye, My Love. My undying love. Words carefully chosen, Will it make an impact, Without giving too much away? Is it lost? It seems so… Gone. Faded. Words lost in translation. Saved. Emboldened. Make a procl...

  17. Priceless Treasure 2

    The little girl accepted with graciousness, But with great disappointment, For, what she wanted wasn’t fake gold, But bows and lace and colors that were bold. None-the-less, she wore it with pride, As the other girls mocked, And pushed her aside....

  18. Priceless Treasure 1

    On a porch step sat a little girl, A girl of about four or five, She didn’t want much, Not candy or jewelry, Nor dolls or anything of the such. All she wanted was a frilly dress, In which she could spin and twirl about. All the other girls in her...

  19. Keep On Going.

    Life doesn’t always go as planned, Always changing, rarely grand, Watching the time tick by on the minute hand, It can’t stop on command. Sometimes you feel weak, and maybe even bleak, Heck, even a freak, So to speak. Take the good with the...

  20. Things Aren't Always What They Seem... 5

    Conclusion:: Little did they know that while talking in such hushed tones and urgency, the “People” were listening, and for good reason. The community that Darren and Erin lived in housed in a free-form mental illness facility, where the pa...

  21. Things Aren't Always What They Seem... 4

    “That it was. All the sock puppets were watching too, which made it just fluffy.” And fluffy it was, even Erin felt a bit weird being in their presence. “Sounds like a romp chomp just waiting to happen.” Darren solemnly said, a...

  22. Things Aren't Always What They Seem... 3

    “Shame is likened by the glare of the windshield in the forests’ desert part.” Darren mentioned a sound point, Erin couldn’t ignore it. “Oh how true a statement that is. When the light of a humble bee shines upon a rock, t...

  23. Things Aren't Always What They Seem... 2

    This is how their conversation went.. “So, how are things going for you, like, emotionally?” Asked Darren. “Well, if only the voices in my head would stop and that they would untie me, things would be fine. but you know, those demandi...

  24. Things Aren't Always What They Seem... 1

    Once Upon Real Life…. There once were two great friends who lived in a very nice, very tight nit community (buildings of sorts). In each of the corridors of this building community, the people who lived there always happened to have the same quir...

  25. Poem From the Convention

    All I can ask is, Oh, but what if? But is there any basis, To ask, To wonder, To even ponder, What may have been, Might have happened? Did you really just leave me to fend- For myself? No one would have guess, You certainly weren’t pressed, The s...

  26. Best For You

    Could it be enough that I just hope your day is well, And that you are happy, healthy and all is fine, And that the well-being of what is you, absolutely compels- me to constantly ask how you are, wishing the best for you? :)

  27. Free Stylin' 2

    Your way or the highway? Well, sugar, I’m already at my destination, salutations. Your all the way back in layaway, Ya couldn’t pay, Now your on delay. Maybe if ya spoke up faster, But, you had to wait – I past ya. I spoke my mind, Cl...

  28. Sister Sheats

    Sweetest Sister, Advice-giver, Those are the things I’ll always remember. In faith and hope, She always coped, And was Jehovah’s loved member. Grandma dearest, The sincerest, Words of comfort and wisdom came, Held my hand, Reprimand, But wi...

  29. Free Stylin' 1

    Times ticking away, Changes need to be made, Have you ever seen the light of day? Voices – they fade, Like light feathers – ‘round your head they lay, Heh, I already paid. Don’t look to hard for faults- you’ll degrade. Oh ...

  30. Heh 2

    You aren’t stupid. What’s with your phone calls? You wanna hear my voice? Well, I wanna see if there’s anything in that head of yours.No, not that head the OTHER ONE. Yea, I know you want me… Maybe you’d have me, If you go...

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  • ElshaHawk (LoA)
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  • InkO.o
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