Even Paradise Has Sorrows

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A gentle warmth nestled on my departed body, and filled my mind with vague images and silhouettes, as my spirit decamped from my vessel. Life was cut short. There was so much to see, to experience. It was unfair, but how many dead men have caviled in the event of death?

My eyes opened, and I stared into the sky. The weather could not have been more prepossessing. The sky was filled with interspersed clouds of all feasible shapes; different shades a blue were brilliantly exhibited; the sun shined brightly with each individual flare pointing in a different direction. I was eclipsed in euphoria. Looking down, I noticed the ground was soon replaced with a boundless field of grass, flowers of disparate colors, and foilage with bountiful amounts of sweet fruits and fully grown vegetables. My presence helped fertilize this new land. A safe haven for me, but what about for my family, my daughter? They’re alone. I need them more than I need life on Earth. Without them, it’s hell, not heaven.
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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Beautiful imagining of the afterlife, and the ending line is all too true. A few typos here and there, but overall a very smooth and pleasant read.

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