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Simply, a person with an undying hankering to relinquish the self-constructed barriers that unfairly regulate my potential. I may not be the best, but I am just beginning to start to unearth the recesses of my mind, and mark papers with my signature that is formed solely by my unspoken words. Thank you.


  1. Trust: A Brief Reflection

    Howard sat down on his aging, brown leather chair. He drew a long breath to lighten his sickened heart. After many years of being with his wife, June, he decided that the consequences of his infidelities should not fall upon her. Before he began to pac...

  2. Untimely

    Despairingly cornered against a white, cold wall, I lowered my emotionally encumbered head to my knees as I helplessly cradled them. I needed human contact, I was well over the edge, yet so rooted to this unjust, grim reality. Inches away from my hind ...

  3. Even Paradise Has Sorrows

    A gentle warmth nestled on my departed body, and filled my mind with vague images and silhouettes, as my spirit decamped from my vessel. Life was cut short. There was so much to see, to experience. It was unfair, but how many dead men have caviled in t...

  4. Faint

    “Dad, wake up”, I said, firmly grasping my father’s lifeless hand. Throughout the day, the nurses frequented his room, monitoring his condition, waiting for the solicitous doctor to return with inspirited words that would garner us ho...

  5. Captives: Part 1

    It was a crisp, Monday morning. The sky’s light and dark colors fused together unevenly. The harsh atmosphere was filled with the discomfort of having to wake up. Luckily, there are only two days until graduation, so anticipation plagued the air ...

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