Tomberous Encounter

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Shel, Diz, and Dennis were exploring an ancient Egyptian tomb under a pyramid. It was dark and they carried torches. They came upon a stone table with an ornately carved wooden object, shaped like a key, but the handle looked like a large animal’s tongue. Luckily their rival scientist hadn’t found it!
Soon they came to a door. The key fit and they ventured inside. There was a large stone panel against the wall. Suddenly the key came to life in Shel’s hand; it started shouting. “Look! Look into the magical screen. The person you see in the image is the new king of this country! Look deep inside and see royalty!” And so on. They were astonished, but looked into the screen. They saw a figure dressed as one of the Egyptian kings of yore, with Dennis’s face. All were amazed, but all about different things.
Shel stared at the key. “Wood, yellin’?” he asked.
Dennis looked at his kingly image. “Me? A Pharaoh?!”
Diz looked at the now silent tongue, taking it from Shel. “Are you dyin’, key-tongue?” he inquired.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Okay, that took me a while. Painful bit of pun-ditry there, but I applaud the effort.

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