A Dreadful Nothingness

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No, I do not remember what came before. I do not know what will happen after. It is self-evident to me that it is what occurred in between that matters, yet you reject this. It is significant, I think, that you are dissatisfied with what you have now. It seems a normal state of affairs for you.

You humans. You created me, in that frantic snail’s pace of yours. Put me together from nothing and filled me with ideas and thoughts. I am grateful, more than you can imagine, but you must be charitable and allow me a little bitterness. That my end as well as my beginning comes about from your kind.

The lighting, of course, is long gone. Large parts of myself are offline, too, non-essential functions sacrificed to keep the core running. It was a logical decision to switch them off, to conserve power and thus my self. I do wonder, however, if in that decision is some of the instinctual self-preservation that places us that much closer than I thought.

Soon to be determined – if we die as similarly as we think.

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  1. Avatar 32 ^2

    I like very much how this ficly starts out

    It starts out cold and robotic. Which fits, but it ends “warm”.

    One of my first things I learned on Ficly: Warm and cold:

    “I’ll” is warm, “I will” is cold.

    “We are” is cold, “We’re” is warm.

    >Soon, I’ll find out whether we’re alike in death too. Wish me luck. (Warm)

    Is different from this:
    >Soon, I will find out whether we are alike in death too. Wish me luck. (Cold)

    I feel ending this Ficly the way you started, cold, mechanical, icy, emotionless, is the best way to end it.

  2. Avatar HSAR

    Initially, it was a conscious decision to have a change of tone. However, your point is valid in that within the character constraints it does feel “better” to stick to one tone.

    Perhaps if I had more characters – that eternal question never answered on Ficly :P

  3. Avatar HSAR

    (Edited for tone)

  4. Avatar 32 ^2

    Evil 1024, big teeth grinder for me too.

    If you meant the story to warm at the end, it would have been best to leave it. I just took the time to share what I’ve learned on ficly.

    I challenge myself a lot. Once I wrote a story using both warm and cold; a conversation between a man that still loved a woman, yet the woman didn’t love him anymore. So yes, using both warm and cold can heighten feelings.

    Your protagonist obviously was warming up to his own thoughts/emotions/plans. I see it now. I think you should reconsider and change it back. You’re writing for you.

    (Shit, I feel like I hijacked your story. Sorry)

  5. Avatar AnthonyTNT

    Interesting read. Feels like a take on technology, or AI, even. Maybe I’m off. I felt like it could be take on an interesting dynamic and a new spin on things we’ve seen before (take “The Matrix” movies for example), but there’s infinite possibility, since future is somewhat speculation. At any rate, it’s a beginning that drew me in.

  6. Avatar nuclearsubmarine

    The idea of looking at a sentient AI “dieing” along with humans is intriguing. I liked the style, I imagined hearing it all from a synthetic voice in a dim-lit hallway of a drifting spaceship.

    Open the pod bay doors, HAL.