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“Take it, Sir.”

The creepy man in a tattered waistcoat held out a crown, purest gold and fitted with large rubies. It made me forget about my desire to escape. This mansion had stopped me at every turn, instead leading me to the caretaker with a face only a mother could love. It broke my gold-induced trance.


A loud knock sounded three times and echoed in my ears. The man smiled, showing yellowed teeth, “Ah. A guest.”

I still held the crown. As I gazed upon it, its shape changed in my hand into a design more feminine. The thick and heavy golden circle became lighter and thinner. The gems rounded and moved closer towards the front and the circumference shrank.

“Oh my.” The creepy man’s eyes shone. Beside him stood a woman. “The prophecy is coming true!”


“Two have not shared the crown in many generations!” An eerie light glowed from somewhere unseen upon a painting of fraternal twins looking unhappy.


“I cannot share with him!” The lady grabbed the crown, but it sank to her ears.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    I have very little idea what’s going on, but I like it all the same.

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    This was just to capture the idea and hold it.. I tried to squeeze in a LOT in a small space. It doesn’t read well as a ficly, but I didn’t want to forget the idea.

  3. Avatar Robert Quick

    It reminds of the game Betrayal at House on the Hill. Your ficly could easily be a very intriguing scenario in the game. My only gripe is the use of the adjective creepy.

  4. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Indeed. I hate repetition, but in a hurry, it happens.

  5. Avatar JonB

    What on earth is going on here? It is fizzing with ideas but yes, I can tell that it was written in some haste. Sometimes you just need to get the thing out of your head and down on paper.

  6. Avatar Writearound

    Interesting, like the concept of the crown morphing to suit the wearer and the last line was very witty , nothing more silly than a haughty woman with a crown askew and ill fitting ruins the hauteur.