Lilith (Part 2)

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Adam is weak.

Adam is the weakest being I know.

He needed me desperately to ensure his survival, yet after all that he reaped from my labors, he had the nerve to claim that I should serve him. He called my music a waste, boasted that I needed his seed…I need and want for nothing from him! A child from his seed would be cursed with a mother and father who would only grow into more disdain for one another. Besides, it would be my body enduring the trials of childbirth, not him. I would be strong, not he.

So…if I am to be banished and mocked as a demon by Adam and his groveling god, so be it.

Who else could have crafted symphonies to ride the winds for the rest of time? Who else could have created a gift of heat from two stones and willpower? Who else could have made man and beast into fast and everlasting friends?

So be it.

I will be outcast.

I will be terrible and unspoken, a secret of the world.

I will be Lilith, the sweetest, bravest, and strongest to ever be called a “demon”.

I will be me.

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    To give context to this story, here is some of the lore regarding Lilith as a figure in different religious texts:

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