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Helixa woke in total darkness, her left arm pinned beneath her. Her right arm was surprisingly free, and with it, she pushed at a stone above her. It fell almost too easily and she found herself staring, not at the magnificent temple ceiling, but at a bright blue sky.

Pushing more away, she felt a cold breeze through the tears in her gown, causing it to lift away from her slightly. The last rock she pulled away from her trapped arm, and then pushed herself to her feet.

All around her were flattened ruins. It is almost, she though. Almost as if a giant has ploughed a steamroller across the whole island. A lake had formed in the pantheon, a mountain had been born from the old palace, and no human moved through the labyrinth.

Helixa cried out. “Is anyone there?”

The only reply came from the wind whistling through the cracks in an old statue of the goddess Aeora. There was only one thing to do, and she did exactly that: she started walking.

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