Never call a candle fat

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“…and the duck had a thought of genius and he died in the peaceful valley of wine and marshmallow flowerbeds.”

What a strange time we live in thought Karl to himself. This was his son’s favorite bedtime story. Where did all the happy tales of princesses and knights in shining armor run off to? What about the living happily ever after? How do they grow up so fast?

Unfortunately he had no time to ponder these thoughts tonight. There was an imprtant town meeting requiring the better part of his attentions on this, the disaster of disaster days. It was like the world had just ended. In fact, if anyone in the town of Chamborde had the ability to communicate with the outside world anymore they would have realised that was exactly what had happened.

And so it begins…

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  1. Avatar JayDee

    Interesting. Very ominous last paragraph. Sounds like there’s a lot more stories to come. May I ask what the significance of the title is?