Recipe For Disaster

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Irene stood on her threshold pointing a shock pistol directly at Viv’s temple.

“What are you doing here, breaking into my house” Irene whispered into Viv’s ear. “You realize, if I pull this trigger your brains turn to pudding and will spill out your ears and nose!”

Just like when they were little, Irene taunted Viv, bullying her with words and fear. And a gun. Also, though she didn’t let on, Irene must’ve been bewildered to see Viv after her ten years of absence.

“Why are you whispering Irene. Is someone else here: Children; A husband; Maybe a pet?”

“Shut up! Not another word. I’ve got a project. It, it can’t be dis…disturbed!” Irene faltered. “Make another noise and I’ll turn you into a doormat.”

What Irene didn’t know was Viv had been Trained. In one swift move she had the gun and Irene flat on her back. After a Judo roll Irene jumped up and ran into the kitchen. “You bitch! My souffle, it fell!” and grabbed two fully charged butcher knives and slowly moved towards her baby sister.

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  1. Avatar contin

    Love the use of the capital in Trained, it changed the whole piece for me! Think this is an interesting series, sibling rivalry is really intense.

  2. Avatar JonB

    Highly entertaining – whatever is going on.

  3. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Brutal. This one reads really well, straight forward and easy to follow despite the sci-fi elements. It certainly hints at quite a relationship.