Dreaming Lately

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I’m late. I know I’m late.

The gravel crunches under my boots as I turn another corner. If this place weren’t so monotonous I might have a clue where I was. Every path is dusty gravel or shoddily made sidewalks. Every building is plywood with dull off-white paint, plain concrete, or a repurposed shipping container. Every damn one of us is dressed alike too.

I’m going to be late. This sucks!

I try the nearest building, a nondescript cement mass with a dull interior, all tiles and beige paint. It feels like a hospital; I know it isn’t one. The lighting isn’t good enough, and it’s getting dark outside, not that there are any windows, just propped open doors.

I hate being late like this. Am I going to puke?

I stop. I can’t stop, so I keep going. The halls and rooms are like a maze, a pointless endless maze. I find graffiti—a wolf head and the words, “Nec Aspera Terrent.” Somehow that doesn’t seem encouraging.

I am so damn late. If I could just remember where I"m supposed to be, cause it isn’t here.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    I have this dream a lot, with various changes to details. The feel and general setting remain the same. I’m never in a good mood when I wake up from one of these dreams.

    Though I don’t recall reading the latin quote in one of these dreams, it comes from the same place that haunts me and inspires the nighttime visions. It’s the slogan of the Wolfhounds, an Army unit, and translates, “No hope on earth.”

    It seemed fitting to include.

  2. Avatar Kespan

    This is excellent! The repeated injection of the internal dialogue makes the pacing perfect. By the end I was gritting my teeth. Late for what, man? I need to know!

    But then again, if this is a dream of yours, then I guess you need to know too :)

  3. Avatar 32 ^2

    I know this is a dream, but as a stand alone there’s one element that bothers me:

    >EVERY building is PLYWOOD with dull off-white paint or a repurposed shipping container.

    >I try the nearest building, a nondescript CEMENT mass with a dull interior.

    But, as a dream, it makes perfect sense. Many of my dreams have morphing elements. I hate frustrating dreams. I 100% identify with this.

    Wikipedia states their motto is “No fear on earth”. So your dream just changed it’s meaning, looking much better for you. So what are you hunting for?


  4. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Thanks 32^2. My previous google efforts had yielded the “No hope on earth” meaning. Looking around now it seems like there are a half dozen different translations for the phrase, though most of them seem to get across an attitude of sucking it up and moving forward.

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