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  1. More Than Dischord

    Through tear and wear, I feel quite weary, actually. Seeing age pass by… Well it’s kind of like a song. You could know what chord is SUPPOSED to come next. I-V-I. But instead, the tune you knew is suddenly atonal. Forget about structure. Al...

  2. That's The Difference

    “Don’t stop, you fucking whore.” He spoke through a clenched jaw.

  3. Take A Night Off

    We sat down for coffee, But she kept looking at her watch. “Do you have somewhere you need to be?” “I work at 9 tonight, sorry. I just don’t want to miss it.” “You could use some time off. You work almost every night.” “Well… I do lov...

  4. Flies and Fishhooks

    Fish hooks’ll kill ya. Tear through the thickest of skin. I’m warning you. Don’t get too close. I’ll hook you hard. And only I can decide when to let you go. So think good and hard. I don’t even need bait. I just throw my line and pull. I’l...

  5. d;kfa;skdj

    We can all cry about our little heart aches. And she told me that nightingales were symbols for unrequited love. “Is that true?” I asked. At least I am not a nightingale. But then I remembered all the things I am. And suddenly, my watercolor smile ...

  6. Titled, "Please, don't read this."

    Let me have it now. You don’t even have to give it to me. I will reach on my own. I will grasp on my own. I want to feel less. Yes, I am asking for the numbness. You can’t take it. Let me have my voice. I don’t want to sing. And it’s one in the...

  7. Sneeze

    It’s like my body is reminding my soul I can’t have it. I take in the scent and my soul shrieks because it wants it so badly. And for the first time ever, I sneezed. The dearest smell, the most comforting, but distant smell made me sneeze. And I ca...

  8. Oh Moon

    Hide, bitter moon, from this mossy world. It clouds your light with it’s own. Which is more important? Hide, sad moon, from the fiery sun. We know that it’s beautiful, but you’ve been burnt before. Hide, tired moon, from the night. It’s where y...

  9. Philippine

    Looking out at the wreckage, a tear slid from an almond eye. The only vision she’d witnessed of trees and buildings and babies and people swirled together and ripped apart and swirled together again. How much of the darkness was water and how much wa...

  10. Good Girl

    Oh, don’t you love to patronize me. Oh, and I let you. You’re a shot-calling, wide brained son of a bitch that thinks you can tell me what to do. Well, as sure as the antelope escapes the lion’s jaw and the prettiest flower secretes the deadliest...

  11. jfj

    The way that raindrops on windows find each other to slide down glass silently, I want to feel a child inside of my body. The way that the wind sweeps up garbage into a little tornado before settling back down a little farther away, I want to hold a ch...

  12. Rolling Up

    Manti’s sticky hands grasped Jesus and he brought him to his gummy mouth as the house burned down behind him in broad daylight. It was summer and the heat was already unbearable, but the deed was done. It wasn’t long before Johnny heard the sirens ...

  13. Mambo Delia

    The sweetness inside Audie turned sour as her clothes stuck to her in the humidity of southern Florida. The words replayed in her head as she continued to stare at her Aunt Melissandra. Melissandra purposefully avoided her niece’s gaze. She knew Audi...

  14. Suburban Blues

    Slumped, cymbals break the invisible waves. In the world, in a continent, in a division of state, in a city, in a county, in a suburb, in a house, her head steers away from backlit words and moving pictures, from nurtured “plants” and the limey gre...

  15. lalala

    “Me? You don’t want to hear my stories. I’m just a lost old man; I’m not wise and I’m not sucessful, as you see, living among you, for what will only be a short while. I’ve traveled my life through, no family to go home to, no reason, reall...

  16. Watermind

    Stepping out of a dimly lit mindset, the sun feels real passing through some orifice and out into light. The reflections feel endless as I twirl. A stone set path leads me to water. Bubbles’ flight, trickles backwards and up, respecting pressure ...

  17. Quickly, Before We're Burned Up

    I haven’t much time, as I type type type type cast myself into every situation as if this were a play oh boy, I do like to play, if all the world’s a stage why am I hiding behind every curtain, cues missed, background dropped. It doesnR...

  18. "Modern" Housewife (Mature)

  19. Swinging Punches (Pt. 1) (Mature)

  20. Dreaming

    Covered in mud, gleaming bright light from underneath, the creature existed without the slightest aid. No mother to nurse from, no caregiver to hold when the frightening bolts shot across an amber-colored, gray specky sky. He was still lonely, left dri...

  21. Dad

    Even the all-powerful Sylvia wrote about her Daddy and how she didn’t like his German tongue or mind… or the rest of his body. And I will admit, it’s hard to search through the piles of files in my molted brain to find bad memories...

  22. Watercolored Corn on My Shoulder

    Steam fills my lungs as I powder punch the words over and again into my head. I want to say something poetic, but not intrusive. Something honest, but not painful. Realizing I can’t, my body adjusts to my building pressure. Lizards and tigers due...

  23. Just Ask Politely

    She thinks that irises are puddles in her eyes but tells me that my soul blooms from my pupils, my own personal black holes, comes life. A small percentage of me destroys, yes. And same with you. But the rest of my body is healing and takes care of oth...

  24. Sunflower

    My fingers welt under the heat of the sun. It’s not sad, I know they will grow back soon. In fact, next season. I love the summer. I get to fall apart and nobody asks a question, it’s what I’m supposed to do. Welt and let my petals si...

  25. A Hidden Bird (Mature)

  26. Silence Will Save Us All

    Painted histories triumph over your stories. The words that fall out of a crooked mouth that usually seeps and teems with others’ limbs is now babbling through tongues. Yet there is no interpreter like God promised. I pretended to speak in tongue...

  27. The Girls

    Simplicity doesn’t visit me as often as I like. She spends her time singing and dancing off in a field. Usually her counterpoint ends in a perfect cadence, sunlight swirling around her glowing body. And I miss her. Chaos is fine. Her tangled hair...

  28. Eight Eyes

    Prophetic wetness slid straight from those irises. In the wetness opposite, or rather backwards psychic tellings reflected. Telling what happened when the booze was slick from bottle to tongue and unwillingly fire exploded in tummies… And of cour...

  29. Taking Care

    Who knew how my breath would escape? Who knew that the ultimate taking care of someone would make me shine and gleam under dim lights? Who knew that eyes would lock into each other, and rays of vision would crush against each other, slowly and the grov...

  30. Flavored Savory

    Flavored savory and toppling over tongues, she ran. She ran like something was chasing her. But the only thing that chased her were the words she left behind. Music played and drowned me. She hurried and fell into dirty saliva, turning over and washing...

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