Silent War

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It really was a mess. No more Haves or Have-Nots. All societies and its peoples were razed of social comforts normally held in place by rules, agreements and laws.

Mayhem. That was the name they gave to the evil force that unleashed its wrath. Fluitis spread rapidly, like an atomic wake. Quarantining started large, epic really. Old New York connected its waterways, filling them with muriatic acid. They then outfitted hundreds of freighter hulls with majestic heating elements. Muriatic steam didn’t work.

Such a simple lifeform, the Virus; a mouse that roared. It spread so fast not a single soul had time to benefit from the chaos. No money grubbing. No snake oil. No amber colored tinctures. You simply breathed in the fluitis laced pollen and died a week later.

There was one cure, a tracheotomy. It was the only way. A certain industrial filter fit perfectly. Mouths were sewn shut and liquid food delivered through suppositories. And, as human nature has dictated for thousands of years, a war was brewing.

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  1. Avatar Robert Quick


  2. Avatar JonB

    This is ghastly, and brilliant. I love the vivid details: the sewn-shut mouths and fumigation with muriatic steam, the amber coloured tinctures, all very suggestive of a pre-modern but not so very long ago setting. It has the feeling of an old fashioned scientific romance: very Wellsian.

  3. Avatar Sanglorian

    There’s a real rush of information here. If you’re going to do exposition, make it moody and get it over and done with – just as you have here.