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to be held by light

better than jesus.
yeah. (fuck that)

to be held by light

_ke stags

like animals
like brilliance of a growing, a forest’s blessing (a fairy!)

from dizzy dark blood,
________________sin/muscle imbued scissor fingered dirtied be
be bled out
bleddddddddd out

an IV of good, light
what would be dripping (not this time. not like this. Better.)

through you,
cleanse and impale with
glitter but of dew from angel tears
in your dirtiest parts
make me whole again

as i was before dropping from womanmother

lighten my head
so sweetly bare
mercifully bare, naked as dropping

and (gah-, i can’t take it) it’s
and pure.


(i could stand up straight)
(i could stand up straight)

I could stand up straight.

(i could stand up pure) and maybe i’d smell nice

and i’d be no more “x’s”

i could die that way

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  1. Avatar Jae

    Strangely formatted, else I would call this stream of consciousness. It reminds me of a delerium, perhaps drug-induced. Beautiful word choices though.

  2. Avatar Escapist

    Thank you for the comment. You’re right on with the stream of consciousness; it’s just a stream of consciousness that’s a little different. :)

  3. Avatar signed, poet

    This reminds me of.. itself. Parts of this remind me of previous parts of this, I don’t know if that’s bad or not so bad but I’ll tell you something else you do you know that a clearing in a forest grows in a similar way to this poem?

  4. Avatar JonB

    Recursion, I think, is the word that signed, poet is looking for.

    An interesting cut-up thing. Odd, certainly, but somehow enchanting.

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