Re-evaluating Strangers

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I couldn’t help but groan. Standing up had not been a good idea. Everything hurt.

“Do you know that guy?” the girl asked.

An icy spike shot up my spine. Panic swarmed at the edge of my vision like beating wings. I hunched down and grabbed her arm. “What guy? Where?”

“Let go of me.”

“What guy? Tell me.”

“Let go of me!”

I released her. “I’m sorry. Who were you talking about?”

She glared at me and rubbed her arm through her coat. “That hurt. I should have left you where I found you.”

I swallowed an angry retort and chose my next words more carefully. “Look, I’m sorry. I’m lost and I don’t know how I got out here, wherever here is. So please bear with me if I am a little freaked out.”

“And you’re coughing up blood.” Mentioning that made the inside of my chest itch again as if ants were crawling through my insides.

“That too.” I agreed with a grimace.

“Okay. We’re good but you can’t touch me again. If you do, I’ll-”

“I won’t. I promise. Now who did you see. It might be important.”

“He’s gone now.”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    I like that what comes through is the frustation of the situation with an urgency to it…and neither he nor we know who this guy is! Most enfuriating. Well done.

  2. Avatar JonB

    Maintaining the jerky, panicky, itchy feel of the previous installments very effectively – this is well done.

    I like Panic swarmed at the edge of my vision like beating wings – suppressed panic, close to bursting to the surface. Generates a nice tension.

    I might replace ’Alfie’s owner’ with ‘the girl’ again – seems somehow irrelevant and slightly distracting to refer to her via the dog.

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