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The sun was setting on Victoria, and the lone Savior Unit stood on a sandy hilltop, wispy cloak fluttering about his metal exterior. His single red eye was trained on the paint-splattered sky. The ruined city sat more so now. His protectors had fought hard to keep him intact and functioning. And they had. But when the dust cleared, when the blood stopped flowing and the terrified hearts stilled, 0l1v3r rose anew. Humans had always vexed him. They were so imperfect, so…barbaric. But he admired -or, he thought he admired – their tenacity. For, even when backed into a corner, they fought fang and claw. It was beautiful. Not, of course, that he had any sense of beauty.

He thought he did at some point. He had met a boy on this hilltop. A perfect, beautiful boy.

But alas, beauty was a foreign and confusing concept. He understood it, but he didn’t see it. It was nothing but a science. Sunsets were pretty, flowers were nice, ladies in dresses were gorgeous. He couldn’t comprehend it beyond the numbers.

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