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(June 2014) Currently out of work and I should be using my computer to look for a job but Ficly is more enticing.

I love comments – leaving them and giving them.

If a piece or a challenge is good, I would like to know that you appreciated it.
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  1. Welcome to the Neighborhood (Mature)

  2. Unsolvable

    I am the Rubik’s Cube where the colors never aligned; the Sudoku with only odd numbers. I spoke in metaphors and hyperbole. You translated into binary code and algebraic equations. You spoke in pie charts and bar graphs while I sought emotion a...

  3. In The Beginning

    “I’m telling you, he spoke!” She shrieked. “It’s not possible,” he shrugged. “And the apple he told me to eat -.” “Oh honey, you didn’t.” “What? Why not?” “Never eat fr...

  4. An Awkward Lunch, part 2

    “We had our own house -.” I continued. I figured I might as well finish, like a snowball careening down a hill. “The mortgage was high.” “What’d you do?” Rachel asked. I knew she was dreaming up worse scenarios...

  5. An Awkward Lunch

    “This may come as a surprise to you,” I looked around the table at my new co-workers. I need alcohol. I sipped a little bit of the wine. Not strong enough. “I’d really rather forget the whole thing.” “Donna?” M...

  6. They're Not Real

    “C’mon. It was just a movie.” Mike tried to hide his smile. “What if a nuclear catastrophe waits around the corner?” “Then the bugs will be a hundred times bigger than they are now. Possibly even carnivorous.” ...

  7. Miss Independent

    “I think,” Aunt Mary had her a familiar tone. “It’s time you had kids.” “Your kids are old enough to reproduce,” I said. She glared at me. “Just ‘cause I’m 10 years older doesn’t mean I&...

  8. Upon a Writer's Death

    A pen is silenced lying still now on the half-empty page. It’s a fire burning through the library. Words we never read disappearing before our eyes. A heart is stilled while full of love spilling on to those around. It’s a parade marched...

  9. Bizarre Side Effects, pt 2

    “Well -” Just then, there was a loud crash from within the lab itself. As Emon knew that its only human occupant was here wasting his time, he raised an eyebrow. “Squeaky, did you lock up the animals?” “Yes sir,” Les...

  10. Bizarre Side Effects

    “Sir,” Les said. He hated the nasal quality of his voice, especially when speaking to the lead scientist. “Damnit, Man, I’m busy,” Bellowed Dr. Emon. It was usual for him to dismiss Les out of hand, and, since he couldn...

  11. Waking Up Weird (Mature)

  12. Surprise!

    Upon coming home, Alice melted into a kitchen chair immediately. Evidently, Mike had come home in a similar state; his chosen method had been to dump his briefcase on the table, heedless that it’d been open and some contents spilled out. “M...

  13. Singing the Praise of "Hallelujah" [poem]

    I hand you several variations of the same song; each time lyrics change, something new is found, previously undiscovered but nonetheless intangibly true. John Cale slipped past Scripture to modern pain. Buckley’s single, weary sigh betrayed the t...

  14. Janet's Pain

    He’s looking at her again. Tammy something. That girl from his school. They’ve barely known each other for years. This is like the second time I’ve seen her. She’s this fragile thing with flowy blond hair and big blue eyes and s...

  15. Twelve Steps to Happiness

    “OK,” the leader said. “Now that everyone’s introduced themselves, let’s begin with our prayer.” The group said, almost at once: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to ...

  16. Dracula in Zombie Nation

    “Damn zombies are everywhere,” Dracula grumbled. After the government legalized zombie civil unions, they began to appear more often in society. They formed a Jane Austen book club; among the best of their literary minds, an argument for zo...

  17. Bryce Wine's Last Battle

    Bryce Wine looked dejectedly at the car. Its sleek blackness had always thrilled him, but now it saddened him to know he was looking at it for the last time. “Are you really going to sell it?” Robyn asked. “I have to,” Bryce shr...

  18. The Man-Boy on the Bus

    He says it’s Asperger’s, but everyone knows something else is there. He’s 50, looks 30, thinks 8, and has the hormones of a 13-yr-old. He’s wearing a T-shirt with a donut emblazoned across his round stomach, baggy shorts, black ...

  19. Protection is a Good Idea

    “But I love you.” “I love you too,” Amanda said, “but that’s not enough reason for me.” “Well, then, what is?” “Dating means that you’ve given someone the permission to break your heart....

  20. She Looks Like You {Poem}

    Something about the way she sits, sending warnings to all around. They leave her alone; except for a few men, either brave or stupid enough to try getting within her fortress walls. She holds her umbrella, point down, like a sword, ready at any second ...

  21. Oh, Joss, How Do I Love Thee? {poem}

    For Joss Whedon How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth of the Hellmouth, far into the breadth of other dimensions, as high as Serenity’s height whilst fleeing out of sight. Till the ends of Faith and Serenity, I loved...

  22. Platonic Booty Call

    “You did what?” “You heard,” she whispered, aware that some other diners were eavesdropping. “But you were gonna cram for that exam, get your apartment parent-clean, and-.” “But he called-.” “You ha...

  23. O Doctor, My Doctor!

    O Doctor, My Doctor! Your time fearfully done, The TARDIS weathered wrecks, the sought companion lost, The new series nears, I hear the fans lamenting, While cynical eyes the replacement, future grim and daring; But O heart! heart! heart! O the bleedin...

  24. Officer Jones is on the Case

    Officer Jones took a deep breath before leaving the patrol car. In her limited time with the Police Department, she had made mistakes. She could not understand the laughter of the other officers, the anger of superiors, or the presumption that she woul...

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