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Imagining a body…
Smoother than silk and tighter
than the hold I’ve found myself in.
And we start from the top…
One wave of caramel foaming down across
artificially flavored eyes, turned up cat-like and playful…
Lips like full mountains across the plains of clear milk-chocolate skin…
And a neck and curves that are breasts,
like mine, but more beautiful because they don’t belong to me
and they are dark, but not as dark as the night…
Another plain that is too easily tickled with my fingers
as I make my way down her body.
The most beautiful letter, “V”
leads to a river.
I’ve always been drawn to water.
And when she turns, nonchalantly
showing me her moon—full on this night, just as the Earths’…
And those legs,
butter-smooth as my hands slide down, down, down…
Never have I met a person so delicious and pure.
I find myself as quiet and at peace as ever.

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  1. Avatar JonB

    Very lovely, very sensual and so vividly described I can taste it, like delicious coffee-cream. Who wouldn’t enjoy reading this?

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