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The medical ward was almost empty, devoid of any warmth or comfort as it always was. A fit of coughing broke the tense silence of the room, snapping what would seem like a concerned wife into attention. “M-Maggie…”

A look of concern ignited on her impeccable, unreal features. “Don’t speak Sam. Save your energy.”

His smile, as tired and weary as it was, held a defiance she had grown accustomed to. “My time is up. I can tell.” He placed a scarred hand over hers. “I need to know if it was true.”

Maggie furrowed her eyebrows in practiced confusion. “What do you mean Sam?”

“Our time together. Our adventures. The love.” Sam’s strong eyes began to waver. “Was it real?”

Maggie wiped at her eyes and gingerly embraced the soldier. “Of course it was all real Sam.”

His last words to her were in a relieved sigh. “Thank you.”

That night, Maggie wept for what felt like an eternity. Even though she had tried her best to emulate the humans, the only emotion Sam had ever asked for was beyond her capability.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    A nice take on the challenge. You use ‘medical ward’ twice in the same paragraph—not a cardinal sin but could benefit from revision. So, she can do some emotions (concern, sadness), but not others (love, confusion)? I think it’s really the weeping that muddies the lack of emotion thing, but it does paint a more tragic picture.

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