Airships: Ready?

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The night air was cool, enough to make Elletra’s shiver. She saw Jerem discussing something with Gladstone & walked in that general direction. She caught Jerem’s eyes and he excused himself, walking over in all his Frenchman stateliness.

“Mademoiselle. Ready?” He said, his eyes piercing.

The question felt like he meant more than the task at hand. “As I need to be.”

“I’d say it will all go smoothly. But these things never go as planned when there are rich men involved.” He chuckled softly.

“We’ll see you again, after all this is over, right?” She said, realizing she didn’t want this friendship to end tonight.

“This is not goodbye.” He nodded solemnly.

Before she could say another word, she heard Hawkeye’s voice talking as he came up. She turned to see him transformed into a young Baron dressed in a formal uniform that seemed to have molded to fit him.

Although she knew it was a disguise, a part of her thought, Perhaps it wasn’t a complete ruse. Perhaps a piece of him would always fit the title.

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  1. Avatar HSAR

    Segues perfectly into a pre-written draft – you’re scary, you know that?

    I’ll be just a moment.

  2. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    I try. :P

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