The Void

Avatar Author: Elizabeth Todd A writer with completely rational fears of clowns, statues, dolls, and flickering lights. Formerly Elizabeth Greene but, due to a Facebook mishap, am now Elizabeth Todd. Read Bio

Friday was the last day.
The sun didn’t rise, the moon fell into black.
We saw stars blink out, one after the other.
People thought the air would turn cold and we’d lose all oxygen, but really?
It just got dark.
Our paths were lit by artificial stars, designed to keep the dark at bay.
And the dark outside the borders was to be feared.
We were told to keep away from the Edge, that if we were to get too close we would be “Misplaced” – our atoms scattered into the atmos, the Unseen.

The end was expected.
We knew the Earth would only last us a few thousand more years, we expected the same of our sun. We were told the plan for survival so long ago, even our children would restate it everyday. Almost none of them believed they would need it, but they memorized it anyway.

When we all noticed it, it was one in the afternoon and it was still dark, we all guessed what had happened. The sun had finally collapsed and we were sucked into the void.

Friday was the last day.
Because after that, there was only the dark.

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  1. Avatar Jack Anderson Keane

    One of the most effortlessly sucks-you-into-its-world stories I’ve ever read on Ficly. This is pretty much just entirely perfect…

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    The tone feels flat and defeated, which serves to drive home the overall scenario and feeling that seems to be intended. Nicely done.

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